Malaysia: A major dispute over the usage of the name of “ALLAH”

Dispute over the usage the name of ALLAH

Malaysia’s Supreme Court rejected appeal against the decision by the Christians to God the word ‘Allah’ use was banned.

The lawsuit was filed by the Catholic Church in which they were requested to removal the ban, which was imposed in 200. However the federal court said the ban was the right decision.

The dispute started when a mixed-language newspaper of the Catholic Church, the Christian God ‘Allah’ word was used. People of all religions in Malaysia used the ‘Allah’ word in mix-language.

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Christians say they are using the word for centuries, and their stance that the law violates their rights.

However, according to the Malaysian officials from the use of this term is possible that some Muslims have converted to Christianity and its messing up. Two-thirds of Malaysia’s population is Muslim, but there are also significant numbers of Christians, Hindus and settled.

The law of Malaysia is continuing its long-standing tensions in the country, during which there were heavy debate started. Herald, the newspaper of the Catholic Church had initially appealed against the ban and in 2009 a court ruled in his favor was given but later turned the Court decision.