Mind cells lost from absence of sleep

As we know about the disadvantages of lake of sleep but a new study about brain tells us that the loss are higher than our estimate, One of the big disadvantage of lake of sleep is this that our brain cell destroyed forever.

Mental science magazine Journal of Neuro-science research to be published in an experience that tells the rats were kept awake till late primary 25 percent of their brain cells died.U.S. scientists say that if the same effects on humans are still being lost sleep lost sleep probably is not no use to accomplish.

Effect of sleep less

These scientists believe that one day we might be able to make a drug that brain cells could be protected from the negative effects of lack of sleep. Research published in the journal were made on the basis of laboratory experiments in which rats. In these experiments, mice deficient sleep in the same style in modern times was the victim of a late night shifts or working in the office are decent human beings.
U.S. Dept of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania studied the brain of rats in which brain cells are active. Lack of sleep for several days, mice treated with the experience been working in shifts to man the pass, ie three night shifts a week, twenty-four hours in which you sleep only four to five hours. In these experiments, mice had brain cells are over twenty-five percent.
Research scientists who say that the first scientific evidence that brain cells are eliminated from lack of sleep, but also to find out whether humans are effects like lack of sleep, we further experiments are needed.