PM Nawaz Sharif selected Justice Ejaz Chaudhry for NAB chairman



ISLAMABAD: PM Nawaz Sharif has proposed the title of fairness retired Ejaz Chaudhry for the slot of Chairman National responsibility Bureau.

He suggested the title in a meeting with Opposition foremost Khurshid Shah in Islamabad on Saturday.

subsequent talking to reporters, the opposition foremost said he has no serious objections on the title of Ejaz Chaudhry but deliberations are required to convey a agreement and uncontroversial figure to the significant slot of head person NAB.

The key post of the head of the nationwide anti-graft watchdog has been vacant since May 28 this year after the Supreme Court removed the previous head person, left Admiral Fasih Bokhari.

NAB has been facing multiple problems due to the nonattendance of head person as it will not document any new quotation and will not proceed for appeals which should be filed inside days of a court order after duly marked by the head person and the prosecutor general.

The Supreme Court had previous taken notice that major procedures of NAB had arrive to a stop in the nonattendance of a head person and inquired the government to make the appointment as early as likely or “be ready to face consequences in the lightweight of a decision of a five-member bench.”

The government had searched a one-week time which ended on Friday.

According to the constitution, the head of the country’s peak anti-graft body is nominated after due consultation between the major minister and the foremost of the opponents.

A source notified Dawn that four names proposed previous, two each by the government and the opponents, had been turned down and now there was two titles on the table — fairness left Ajmal Mian and Justice retired Ejaz Chaudhry.

The government had previous suggested the names of left Justice Rehmat Hussain Jaffery and previous federal secretary Khwaja Zaheer Ahmed and the opponents the title of retired fairness Bhagwandas and retired fairness Sardar Raza.

The function of Justice Ajmal Mian became contentious when he allegedly permitted a coup inside the Supreme Court against head fairness Sajjad Ali Shah in Nov 1997 when Mr Nawaz Sharif was the prime minister.

A older PPP foremost notified Dawn that the name of Ajmal Mian was proposed by the PPP after Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan opposed another PPP nominee, left Supreme Court referee Sardar Raza.