Facebook weapon used for kidnappings in Gujranwala, Gang arrested by police



GUJRANWALA: Members of a gang that kidnapped young men for ransom utilising Facebook were apprehended on Saturday, articulate News reported.
Five suspects were apprehended, one is a woman.
The gang’s ringleader Adeel used his wife’s Facebook account and wireless telephone to befriend boys before kidnapping them.
They were apprehended after Mohsin Waqar handed out a demand about his brother’s kidnapping at the Saddar policeman position.
The City policeman agent (CPO) ordered the policeman to find the supposes’ call when they called to demand ransom for the brother’s return.
The supposes took Rs1,700,000 as ransom and issued Mohsin’s male sibling.
SHO Asif Nadeem’s child Omar, constable Muhammad Amir and the child of a Numberdaar were amidst the apprehended.
The police said that all supposes belonged to influential families.