Car Faster Then Rocket

A British team designs a car which is faster than rocket which runs 1000 mile per hour. Blood hound named car which is under construction will contain power through a jet plan engine name Eurofighter Typhoon.

BloodHound is a plane and rocket fueled auto intended to go at 1,000 mph a little more than 1,600 kph. It has a slim collection of give or takes 14m length with two front wheels inside the constitution and two back wheels mounted remotely inside wheel fairings. It weighs over 7 tones and the motors generate more than 135,000 pull – more than 6 times the force of all the Formula 1 autos on a beginning matrix set up together.Fastest car

The Car is a mix of auto and air ship innovation, with the front half being a carbon fiber monologue like a dashing auto and the back half being a metallic system and boards like a flying machine.

This car will have three type of breaks option the first one is in the jet fire which will apply at the speed of 800 mph, If there this system is fail then the second system parachute brake will applied which make the force of friction at 670 mph/newton. If this system will also not working theirs one more type of parachute brake will applied.

This car is supersonic because it’s designed to run faster than the sound speed.When this car will launched, it will try to brock the record of fast speed.