Arms recovery case against FBI agent joel cax dismiss now

Case against FBI agent reach their ends

A court in Karachi dismisses the arm recovery case against Joel Cox a FBI agent who was arrested due to carrying the revolver 9mm revolver bullets, later on he had been released on bail in this case.

The airport police provide the report of investigation to the Malir court on Monday and requested to remove the case.
joel cox case dismiss
Police argued that according to investigation Joel Cox not guilty for legal Arms Act, Section 23 A of Al because they do not found arms from him only bullets and magazines found from its luggage.

Police also presented a letter from the U.S. consulate in court, in which said Joel Cox worked for the FBI and he come in Pakistan for police reforms program.

The letter stated that those people who engaged in this kind of mission, arms for self-defense are allowed. According to police, the Interior Ministry has confirmed this position.

Judicial magistrate accepted the request of the police and approved to remove the case.