Sports mega Event ‘FIFA World CUP 2014’ going to start today

FIFA world cup 2014 start today

The world’s biggest sporting competition start today, first match of ‘FIFA World Cup 2014‘ will be played between Brazil and Croatia today.

Spain in the World Cup team will defend its title, while Brazil is hosting the event for the second time.

The goal line technology is used in these competitions. A month-long World Cup that the 32 teams who participate were divided into eight groups.

fifa world cup 2014 start today

Brazil President Jylma  Roussef said that his country is fully prepared for the FIFA world coup which is start today. Speaking on television he said that his cautery is totally prepaid to perform inside the ground and outside the ground

Today, the most expensive World Cup during the past year there has been demonstrations and Sao Paolo stadium work is underway, where opening match will be played on Thursday.

Introducing the teams and groups of FIFA World cup 2014

FIFA World cup 2014 groups and teams

AS you know that the world football cup fever now at its peak position, today I will introduce the participating teams and the groups of FIFA world cup 2014.

FIFA World Cup 2014 timetable finalize from June 12 to July 13 at Brazil. The arrangement of the world cup in the South American district reached the peak position, Football teams from everywhere throughout the world planning to begin their world cup campaign.  The teams from 32 nations are showing its potential in the FIF World Cup2014, which are converted into 8 groups which as mention below.fifa world cup 2014

GROUP A:  Host Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameron

GROUP B: Defending Champion Spain, Netherlands, Chile and Australia

GROUP C: Colombia, Greece, Cote d’lvoire and Japan

GROUP D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England and Italy

GROUP E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France and Honduras

GROUP F: Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran and Nigeria

GROUP G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana and USA

GROUP H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia and Korea Republic