Genetic Links found during research for the Hostile Cancer

Washington: Through some research the scientist found the Genetic links for the violent type of the Cancer. This report was established on Thursday 3rd  May 2013

Through new research we got the genetic links of the aggressive cancer in a human body. The scientist are facing many problem to simulate these Genetic but soon they will get fully control over it.

The National Institute of Health which is also known as the “Cancer Genome Atlas Project” is success to decode about 10,000 Cancer tumors in all type of the cancers. This is a very important news for all the health researchers because before it we not now how much type of tumors in cancers.

Cancer is very harmful disease for human because its last stage indicate the death. Now by this research over the Genetic of the Aggressive caner the doctors can easily find their treatments. By one report of America we get that more that 14,000 people in America is died due to the Cancer.

So it is good for those people who are suffering in Cancer and want a best treatments.