The decision of PEMRA shall be final said by Pakistan’s Law Minister Pervaiz Rasheed

Pakistan’s Law Minister Pervaiz Rasheed statement on Geo issue

Pakistan’s Law Ministry on the issue of private TV channel Geo gives the Authority of decision to (PEMRA) and sent it’s summery to the ministry of Information.

In the opinion of Law Ministry said about GEO issue that this is the Semi –judicial issue and PEMERA had to decide about it. .

On the other hand the Government has decided to make a commotion for the implementation of the decisions of PEMRA.

All Pakistan Newspapers Society Commission, Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors and representatives of Pakistan Broadcasters Association will be the part of this commotion.

geo licence issue

Any minister can never interrupt the decisions of PEMRA

Federal Information Minister Rashid at Parliament House on Wednesday, the Ministry of Law and Justice of the Senate committee, said while talking to media after meeting that any minister can never interrupt the decisions of PEMRA.

He said the government wants to create a commission on which all agree.

Pervaiz Rashid said that the decision of PEMRA about GEO will be final and information ministry shall not interferes in it. He said that PEMRA Commission’s goal is to implement the decisions.

The formation of the commission for the owner of the Geo Mir Shakil-ur-owners and other private channels which have met has been positive progress.

Pervaiz Rashid said that for the formation of commission they have met the owner of Geo TV channel and some other private channels, positive progress has been made in it.

On Tuesday PEMRA private members called meeting, and the decision has been made in this meeting to suspend the licenses of Geo’s three channels GEO News, Geo taaz and Geo Entertainment , Pervez Rashid said in response to a question that he will gives more important to the statement which has been released after this meeting by the spokesperson of PEPERA.