Blast outside the mosque near Gizri Defence area of Karachi, 4 people died

Gizri Blast near Defence area of Karachi

The area of Karachi, Pakistan’s Sindh province Gazri a blast killed at least four people and injured several others.

Police officials said the blast on Friday afternoon near the city’s Defence Housing Authority area Moti mosque was located in the area. The blast occurred when people were coming out after prayers.

Location on the blast site and blast  ten vehicles affected, including an official double cabins, two of them rickshaw included. Edhi Foundation charity volunteers Jinnah hospital inflicted injuries from the crash site.

Provincial Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed said while talking to media in hospital, blast killed four people, including a woman and three were wounded, five of them in critical condition. According to them, including the injured bystanders and worshipers.

Police saying about blast

DIG Abdul Khaliq Shaikh Said that bomb was planted in a rickshaw, and apparently through the target any VIP here could be a key figure. However, SSP Nasir Abbas said the main road was not any VIP movement and government officers in cars were not the only driver.

Bomb Disposal Squad said after inspecting the site of five kilograms of explosives was used in the explosion which includes ball bearings marks are also present on the surrounding buildings.

The blast hit a vehicle was used by the Provincial Secretary Saqib Soomro, said his driver went there for filing the petrol and he is injured in blast.