Five year old child hacks fathers Xbox account

If you know that only five year child hacked Xbox account you will say waooo it’s amazing, only five year old child take the attention by its hacking trick, A San Diego kid has the gaming scene’s consideration after he uncovered a security imperfection that let him log into his father’s Xbox Live account, without authorization.

Kristoffer might go to his father’s account and he enter incorrect password. That might take him to a password confirmations screen, where he would basically tap the space bar over and over and afterward press “enter.”

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Kristoffer’s father, Robert Davies, recognized not long after Christmas that his child was logging into his record and playing games that weren’t fitting for his age. When he asked how, Kristoffer demonstrated to him a hack that appears straightforward all things considered yet is equitably amazing recognizing a 5-year-old discovered it.

How marvelous is that? asked Davies, who works in online security himself. “Simply being 5 years of age and having the capacity to discover a weakness and hook on to that. I felt that was really cool.” He told KGTV that Kristoffer has evaluated three or four different “hacks,” including moving beyond the lock on a cell phone by holding down the “home” key for a considerable length of time.

Father reported the helplessness to Microsoft. Also Microsoft acted, issuing a fix for the defenselessness. “We’re continually Xbox Onelistening to our clients and thank them for bringing issues to our consideration,” the organization said in a composed articulation. “We consider security important at Xbox and altered the issue when we researched it.”

The organization has even incorporated Kristoffer’s name on a rundown of security scientists who have helped make online Microsoft items more secure. For his finding Kristoffer will get four recreations, $50 and a year’s membership to Xbox Live from Microsoft.