Dengue emergency declared in Swat district



ISLAMABAD: administration in Pakistan’s northwestern Swat natural depression have declared a well-being emergency once nearly five, cases of breakbone fever warmth were represented during a month.

The mosquito-borne virus has killed twelve persons within the natural depression since August nineteen and also the variety of patients is increasing a day, doctors aforesaid.

Dengue is disperse by mosquitoes that sort in stagnant water and customarily gnaw persons throughout the daytime. It causes high warmth, crucial junction and sinew pains and may be mortal..

“It is turning into dangerous. breakbone fever larvae is all over, in and outdoors dwellings, in streets and every one alternative places,” Khaliq aforesaid.

agents aforesaid they accepted infected larvae had been sent from the to the east town of metropolis in water during a consignment of previous automobile tyres.

An outbreak in metropolis, Pakistan’s second biggest city, in September 2011 slain one hundred twenty persons and infected over one,200.

Hospitals in Mingora, the most village in Swat, ar toiling to deal with the inflow of patients, WHO complained of a requirement of health facilities and rudimentary medicines.

“We haven’t decent beds, no medicines and sometimes we have a tendency to proceed outside to possess body-fluid checks in camera laboratories.

There is no precise remedy for breakbone fever however correct health look after crucial cases greatly decreases the chance of death, per the globe well-being administration.

agents in Mingora’s major Saidu Sharif clinic aforesaid that a exceptional 100-bed ward has been came upon to touch upon breakbone fever cases.

Abortion law now blocks for the Arkansas

United State of America (USA): A Federal law of United State Passed a block law for the Arkansas to reduce the quantity of abortion which is tough one for the Arkansas.

The Federal Judge of United State of America (USA) passed an order to implement the restrictive abortion law for the Arkansas’ by calling it “It is more than Likely unconstitutional”.

Due the increasing quantity of the abortion in Arkansas, the federal law issued order to reduce or limiting the abortion quantity in Arkansas state. A law also has been passed for the Arkansas that after passing 12 weeks abortion of pregnancy will be illegal now.

In 17th May 2013 on Friday the United State (US) district Judge Susan Webber Wright issue order to make the abortion of pregnancy illegal after passing 12 weeks. She explain that I am going to issuing this order to save the women rights in Arkansas and also for reducing the abortion quantity in Arkansas.

The US District judge explain that is a women want to abortion her pregnancey after passing 12 weeks then it will be illegal and police can arrest her by the violating the Arkansas law.

A bill also has been passed by the Supreme Court to create the Arkansas Human heartbeat protection Act; to save or protect  the unborn children.


Benefits of the Fish oil Capsule which helps to stop the heart attacks

BOSTON: After a big research on the heart attacks, in Italy researchers found that Fish oil’s work very perfect against the heart attacks. 

On a research over hear attacks treatments, the Italian researchers found that, persons who use the fishes regularly can prevent the heart attacks. The research also clear that Omega 3 fatty acids are found in Fish oils which is very useful for the heart and stop heart attacks.

In 2010 on same research the researchers failed to prevent the use of the fish oil capsules regularly. And they fold their research without providing any exact report.

On a interview of the Arnett he mention that:

[quote]”They’re very high-risk people, and so the level of other treatments was very high,” “When you’re being aggressively treated for all of your other risk factors, adding fish oil yielded no additional benefits.”[/quote]

The resurch report was mention on Thursday on 9th May 2013 in which he briefly explain that the Fish oil is very use for reducing the heart attacks.

He also explain that medicines are not useful to prevent the heart attacks. Fish is more useful that the medicine to prevent the heart attacks.

A research report on the birds Bird Flu spread all around Washington

Washington: During a research on Birds Flu the doctors wants to find out the cause of the bird flu spread. On Monday 06th May 2013 the research team expressed that we are finding the way to stop the spreads of bird flu.

For research on the H5N1 bird flu virus spreading all around the French, British and Vietnamese researchers mention on their report that we can prevent from the bird flu virus to disinfecting our trucks, equipment’s and market space for birds.

The researchers also mention in their report that we have clear and disinfect the our market space for the birds on daily basis. Disinfections reduce the median of epidemic size, or fraction of pollute our environments.

In research the researchers also mentioned in a report that every year hundreds of people has been died due to the bird flu virus.

Last year more than 370 people were died due to the bird flu virus and this report is confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Genetic Links found during research for the Hostile Cancer

Washington: Through some research the scientist found the Genetic links for the violent type of the Cancer. This report was established on Thursday 3rd  May 2013

Through new research we got the genetic links of the aggressive cancer in a human body. The scientist are facing many problem to simulate these Genetic but soon they will get fully control over it.

The National Institute of Health which is also known as the “Cancer Genome Atlas Project” is success to decode about 10,000 Cancer tumors in all type of the cancers. This is a very important news for all the health researchers because before it we not now how much type of tumors in cancers.

Cancer is very harmful disease for human because its last stage indicate the death. Now by this research over the Genetic of the Aggressive caner the doctors can easily find their treatments. By one report of America we get that more that 14,000 people in America is died due to the Cancer.

So it is good for those people who are suffering in Cancer and want a best treatments.