Benefits of the Fish oil Capsule which helps to stop the heart attacks

BOSTON: After a big research on the heart attacks, in Italy researchers found that Fish oil’s work very perfect against the heart attacks. 

On a research over hear attacks treatments, the Italian researchers found that, persons who use the fishes regularly can prevent the heart attacks. The research also clear that Omega 3 fatty acids are found in Fish oils which is very useful for the heart and stop heart attacks.

In 2010 on same research the researchers failed to prevent the use of the fish oil capsules regularly. And they fold their research without providing any exact report.

On a interview of the Arnett he mention that:

[quote]”They’re very high-risk people, and so the level of other treatments was very high,” “When you’re being aggressively treated for all of your other risk factors, adding fish oil yielded no additional benefits.”[/quote]

The resurch report was mention on Thursday on 9th May 2013 in which he briefly explain that the Fish oil is very use for reducing the heart attacks.

He also explain that medicines are not useful to prevent the heart attacks. Fish is more useful that the medicine to prevent the heart attacks.