Now the cured of hepatitis C is Possible

Hepatitis C treatment

A recent study about hepatitis c found that 90 percent of hepatitis C patients transform Twelve weeks of medication may be recouped. Specialists say exploration is a breakthrough in the medicine of hepatitis.

Only two million people in Britain suffer from the disease which caused the deaths have tripled compared to 1996. Current hepatitis C latest treatmenttreatment is only beneficial in some situations, only three percent of the patients prefer the UK. Hepatitis C is a disease which affects the liver.

University of Texas Health Science Center researchers in the dining tested the new medicine in 2013, Spain, Germany, England and the U.S. in 78 centers on 380 patients. The two were investigating a disease in which the patient was twelve weeks and four weeks in which the patient was infected.

Twelve weeks after the experience of 208, 191 patients hepatitis C infection was not present. 165 of 172 patients later in the disease ended two weeks later 96% of patients had recovered. Included in the research of Dr. Fred Purdyd said, “That’s great. I am very happy to patients. It is optimistic about the future now.

He also said that the new hepatitis C medicine to attack the protein and prevents progression of the disease at all ends up here. Some adverse effects from the use of this medication or side effects, patients in whom the sense of exhaustion, headaches, and nausea more.

Current treatment of hepatitis C is vaccinated each year because of side effects in patients whose depression, fatigue and nausea are common.Dr. Purdyd said, adding that this medicine is not beneficial for patients with liver syrusz.