Madonna is going to make his third movie

Famous singer Madonna is now going to give direction to his third movie, Madonna is preparing to direct his third film that author Rebecca Walker’s first novel, Eide: A Love Story ‘will be based on the story.

This novel tells the story of an American student who has been a beautiful island off the coast of Kenya suahyly a young Muslim is in love. The relationship of these two cultures and traditions, is entangled in densities.

medonna is going to make his third movie,c

Rebecca Walker wills co-producer of the film, Alice, daughter of the famous writer who famous novel ‘The Color Purple’ was forged.

As director of the first film directed by Madonna in 2008 were named ‘flth and Wisdom’ was. Madonna after her last film focused on his own music during which a number one album MDNA release, and was a major World Tour and in 2013 Forbes magazine named him the most income was Celebrity.

Bruce Cohen, who produced the film, including the ‘Silver lining up book ‘and’ American Beauty, was the producer.According to the Hollywood Reporter Madonna and her producers are looking for a screenwriter who could write this book based on the script.

Madonna’s last film as a director ‘V’ Britain’s King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, the American woman who had an affair based in the UK in 2011 was present. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film grossed around U.S. $ six million in the U.S. but in the UK, the film was not successful in the first ten films.55-year-old Madonna for the first time since 1999, which estimated that half of the income was $ 12 million.