Pakistan, India lawmakers agreed for dialogue

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ISLAMABAD: Indian and Pakistani parliamentarians have entailed a sustained dialogue methodology and sent the would like that prime ministers of the 2 nations would rendezvous in big apple on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting.

They were speaking at the finishing meeting of the fifth around of dialogue between parliamentarians of West Pakistan and Bharat union by municipal humanity organisation PILDAT here on Friday. in an exceedingly junction declaration bimanual out when the meeting, they aforementioned the 2 prime ministers ought to meet in big apple to carry the threshold open for peace and sensible relatives.

They urged the 2 governments to continue the tactic of dialogue for sturdy peace within the region and for subsidence matters influencing binds between the 2 countries.

Addressing the necessity for a holistic approach to confrontation persistence, the parliamentarians suggested their governments to enlist on all problems, encompassing those associated to Jammu and geographical region. As representatives of the folks of West Pakistan and Bharat, they noted advancement on various problems, encompassing visas and trade, and suggested them to attempt to advance each neighborly and regional relatives.

They aforementioned there was associate degree pressing ought to address the vital topic of skyrocketing water shortage in each the countries. acceptive that the Indus Water written agreement was the simplest means that for subsidence any doubtless variations touching on water resources, the parliamentarians suggested the 2 governments to along analyze problems touching on weather amendment and atmosphereinfluence analysis and to deal with technologies of effective use of water in agriculture and to significantly improve yields.

Underlining the massive promise for bilateral trade that really stood at $2 billion however had the potential of returning to $10bn if all agreements were applied with efficiency and outstanding matters were resolved, the parliamentarians welcome the institution of India-Pakistan Joint Business assembly and also the main concern areas of enterprise it had known.

They acquiesced that additional enhancements in trade and monetary cooperation between the 2 countries required early advancement within the direction of granting the most-favoured nation rank to Bharat, chatting with problems with non-tariff obstacles recognised by West Pakistan, totally utilising and farther increasing newly-built infrastructure at the Wahga-Attari border and undoing the Monabao-Khokhrapar path for trade.

They entailed re-unfastening the Indian diplomatic building general in Karachi and a Pakistani delegation in urban center, reinforcing air and boats routes between Karachi and urban center and gap bank branches to facilitate trade swaps.

The dialogue was came to by previous Indian minister and constituent of Indian Rajya Sabha Mani Ravi Shankar Aiyar, K.C. Tyagi, D.P. Tripathy, Ms Anu Aga, Prof S.P. Singh Baghel and Ram Kirpal Yadav.

head person of the council Standing managing cluster on Defence legislator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, previous protection minister Syed Naveed Qamar, previous government minister monarch Mehmood Qureshi, Minister for Science and Zahid Hamid, legislator Nasreen Jalil and legislator Afrasiyab Khattak attended from the Pakistani aspect.

I am a Salman Khan’s fan: Shahid Kapoor



Shahid Kapoor, who will be glimpsed next in ‘Phata Poster Nikhla Hero’ issuing this week, has not been adept to influence the box-office in the latest past but is confident of better days ahead.

Speaking about his movie ‘Phata Poster Nikla champion’ directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, Shahid said the activity comical performance, which releases this Friday, will present him in a new avatar.

“It is out an out a masala amusing feature, which I haven’t played previous. I haven’t said massy one liners, tapori songs etc…this zone is distinct for me.

Shahid was all applaud for Santoshi, who according to him, is also a good player and he just pursued his directions.

In the movie, Shahid will be glimpsed as an ardent follower of Salman Khan. Shahid said in genuine life too, he is a fan of the ‘Dabangg’ star and hence there was no adversity in playing

this part.

“Our lifetime is a gigantic fan of all three Khans…we all have glimpsed their movies. I have glimpsed a lot of hysterical followers and this time it was stimulating that I got possibility to play a follower. I have played a hyper and desperate follower.”

mail ‘Badmassh business’ in 2010, the 32-year-old’s films have not done well at the box office and he conceives his time is not right.

“I seem when the time is right almost every conclusion you make seems right. And my time is not right and all my conclusions don’t seem to go right. Because the time when you signalal a film and till the time the movie gets made it is a long excursion…

Aamir Khan is claimed ‘Dhoom 3’ will break ‘Chennai Express’ records…

Dhoom 3


Shah Rukh Khan-starrer ‘Chennai Express’ stony-broke the record set by Aamir Khan’s ‘3 Idiots’. It currently has the excellence of being the largest grosser of all times in Hindi cinema. The rule Kumar Hirani-directed ‘3 Idiots’ was the primary true mega blockbuster since business became dominated by multiplexes.
Now, Aamir is prepared to reclaim the title along with his next film within the same year as his record was broken. ‘Dhoom 3’ releases this December and therefore the actor believes that the `Chennai Express’ record are smashed within the next 2 months, whereas his film command the record for four years.

Says a supply near Aamir, “He is assured that D3 can shatter all records, if truth be told he has told somebody near him, ‘3 Idiots free in 2009 and it took them four years to interrupt that record. and therefore the record I set with ‘Dhoom 3’, are broken by somebody in 2020.’ Aamir isn’t one to create statements gently. If he says one thing, you higher believe he can deliver.”

Says trade analyst Komal Nahta, “The trade buzz is extraordinary for ‘Dhoom 3’. If you solicit from me whether or not D3 can break the records set by urban center specific, then the solution is, yes, one hundred per cent it will! Records ar created solely to be broken however the question is however soon? It took four years for the record of three Idiots to be broken, however I feel currently records are tame a shorter time span.

There ar too several multiplexes growing once a year, price tag rates ar being hiked and therefore the overall business is on the upswing therefore records can break quicker. Aamir can surpass once more in D3. The expectations ar terribly high. For the primary time folks can see him in an exceedingly negative role. He has worked on his body and undergone such a lot pain and energy. With each film Aamir takes his career 5progress.

Now he has reached a stage wherever he desires to feature an additional dimension to his career. He features a bound name which extends to his films. there’s a craze for him. Time and once more, he has evidenced his brilliance……….

Sanaullah dies in Chanidigarh hospital on 9th May 2013

New Delhi: Pakistani Prisoner Sannullah Haq is died in the Chandigarh after the attck of the other prisonars on him on 6th May 2013. Rana Sanaullah Haq died on 09th May 2013.

After the incident of Sarabajeet singh India also shown his original face by killing the Pakistan Prisonar SanaUllah Haq. India always try to take revenge from Pakistan.

A few days ago an accident was occurred in Kot Lakhpat jail, Lahore Pakistan by the attacks of the inmates on him. Pakistani doctors try his best to save him but he died on 02nd May 2013 and Indian adopted that Sarabajeet was a terrorist and also the agent of the Indian Army.

But Sanaullah Haq was the innocent Pakistani citizen. Indian army doesn’t bear the death of Sarabajeet Singh, which was an accident, and show his orginal face after killing the Pakistani innocent prisoner SanaUllah.

By one report we got that SanaUllah Haq is murdered by the former Indian soldier Vinod. Sarabajeet death was an accident but everyone now that is a murder which is done by deliberately.

~~~May Allah rest SanaUllah Haq soul in peace (Ameen)~~~

Sarabjit Singh Dies in Pakistan on 2nd May 2013

Lahore/Islamabad: The Indian Citizen Sarabijit Singh who was arrested by the Pakistan Army due to the terrorism, is dies in Lahore jinnah Hospital in Lahore Pakistan.

Sarabjit Singh was the Indian Citizen and was arrested by the Pakistan Military and announced him as a terrorist. Sarabjit Singh was in Jailed since 1990 in Kot Lakhpat jail of Lahore Pakistan.

Through some reports we get that Sarabjit Singh was arrest as a terrorist by Pakistan Military and Pakistan Military charges him for the bombing in the village near the border. in 1991 Court gave order to hang him but the his hanging was postponed due to some reasons. Sarabjit Singh was remain in prison since 1990 and he spent his life as a prisoner in Pakistan about 22 years.

By Some reports we came to know that Sarabjit Singh was arrested by the Pakistan Army on 28th August 1990. In a interview Sarabjit Singh’s wife Sukhpreet Kaur mentioned that in 28th August 1990 Sarabjit Singh was went to plough his fields near Wagha border but never returned.

In April 2013 Sarabjit Singh was suffered seriously injured due to fight or attack by some prisoners, He remain in injuries for some days and at last Sarabjit Singh was died in 2nd May 2013 on Thursday in Jinnah hospital at Lahore Pakistan.

China is more Threatened for us not Pakistan Mulayam Singh Yadav

New Delhi: The former Defense Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav explains in a report that China is much danger for us not Pakistan. India is not in danger from Pakistan but China.

In a meeting conference of Mulayam Singh Yadav with media on Tuesday 30th April 2013, he explained that India have no fear and not in danger from Pakistan. He also explains to the news reporters that India is not threatened by Pakistan army but India is in danger from China.

The former Defense Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav also explain about the interference if the Chinese army in Ladakh border. Mulayam Singh Yadav also explains that our army is cowardly and incompetent. He also charges on Chinese Army after the interference in Ladakh that China want to capture the India area.

The former Defense Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav also told media that China want to repeat the 1962 events. I always try to aware the government of India about the situation and about the planning of China but I couldn’t get any reply from my government or Prime Minister. Indian Army is ready to remove the Chinese army from Ladakh but they couldn’t get any response from the Government. China is the greater threatened for India than Pakistan.