Modi opponents advised to go to Pakistan after election

Modies supporters saying about Pakistan

New Delhi: Narendra Modi used to call Gujarat’s Muslims Mian Musharraf. On Saturday, his electoral candidate from Bihar simply went above and beyond when he cautioned Mr Modi’s opponents they might be sent to Pakistan after the election.

BJP candidate Giriraj Singh told a rally that the individuals who contradict his upcoming prime minister Narendra Modi will have “no spot in India” after the result of the general election result are announced.

Modi opponents advised to go to Pakistan after election

“The individuals who need to prevent Narendra Modi from getting leader are looking towards Pakistan. In the nearing days, they will have no spot in India. They will just have put in Pakistan,” Mr Singh said while addressing to a rally in Godda area of Jharkhand. Mr Singh made the comments in the vicinity of senior party leader and previous president Nitin Gadkari. He is the party,s candidate from Nawada in Bihar.

Assumption surveys, not known for their veracity, propose that the Narendra Modi-headed BJP could to win the most extreme seats in the national election. Voting, spread over nine stages, closes on May 12. Outcomes will be pronounced on May 16.