How much property Sonia Gandhi have?

India’s ruling Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi to more than Rs 9 crore 28 lakh property, yet his name is not a solitary auto. Rae Bareli electorate in Uttar Pradesh to document designation papers Wednesday in Sonia Gandhi, who has submitted a affidavit in which this data was given.

When filing nomination papers, according to the affidavit was filed, Sonia Gandhi to 2 crore 81 lakh 47 lakh to Rs 6 crore movable and immovable property.At the last election, he filed the affidavit of his property was to be a comparison of recent affidavit, it is clear that their property has increased six-fold.

Sonia Gandhi

Congress sources said Sonia Gandhi six-fold increase in the property that is the last property valuation, asset value, and this time it was based on the idea ‘Market Value’ is based on.I also was told that the property details of Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul Gandhi is 9 lakhs as loans.

Year income tax return for the period 2012-13, as he had shown on your income 14 lakh 21 thousand rupees. Sonia Gandhi to real estate and 85 thousand rupees in cash, 66 million in the bank, one lakh 90 thousand to 10 million shares and bonds are included.

82 lakh 20 thousand of their mutual funds, Rs 42 lakh 49 thousand PP-F, 2 lakh 86 thousand of the National Savings Scheme and Rs 62 lakh jewelery are available. According to the affidavit in Italy four crore 86 lakh price dyramady village Sultan Pur village’s land and land of one crore 40 lakh 90 thousand to Rs 19 lakh in addition to their ancestral property too.
In 2009, Sonia Gandhi, in the description of your property assets worth more than Rs 37 lakh was announced.