Penalty for a blogger to be significant in google search

Fined to a blogger for harsh restaurant review

French judge’s penalties on blogger to write a bad review about a restaurant, saying that this review is very prominent in the Google search.
In 2013 Caroline wrote in his blog about the poor services and wrong behavior of this restaurant.
The judge said in his decision that will change the title of the blog and blogger Caroline says to pay compensation.
According to court documents, the blog is fourth in Google search.
French judge's penalties on blogger to write a bad review about a restaurant, saying that this review is very prominent in the Google search.

Caroline said after the decision that the decision to come to prominence in the search engines is an offense.
Restaurant owners said his business suffered because Carolyn blog.

According to the decision of the judge of the blog title ‘Places to avoid’ be changed so that the search might not be so noticeable.
The judge said in his decision that this blog has suffered so much damage to the restaurant that Caroline’s blog followed by 3000 people.
Caroline said in this decision that, this decision makes offense to get position on search. Court orders Caroline in his decision to pay compensation of $2000 to the owner of the restaurant.

Venezuelan applying tax on breathing on its international airport

Pay $ 20 on breathing at airport

Normally we think that Pakistan is the country where everything is very expensive and due to taxes its price reached at the peak but today we will tell you that In Venezuela’s international airport Maiquetia passenger charged fee for having breathe.

Normally whenever we travel by air there are many taxes and surcharges are bear by us which including passenger tax, additional taxes and fuel levies taxes. Over the decision of Venezuelan authorities on social media people expressed anger.
Maiquetia international airport

However Maiquetia international airport authorities a step forward in this field and now passengers are charged U.S. $ 20 on breathing at airport.

Venezuela’s Water and Air Transport Ministry published a statement that to meet the cost of airport’s air conditioning system this fee being received from passengers.
Due to the poor economic situation the price of tickets already high in Venezuela, several people on social media have expressed outrage over the tax.

Professions which will reached their end in next few decades

Jobs which will never have future:

Today we will predicate about those professions which never have any future, three professions holders will lose jobs in future. According to the latest study technology which is fast boosting and replace the humans now ready to replace up to 47% of current jobs in future nearly 2033.
Here is the list job which is hardly in danger. If you want to have job security and plan on staying employed past the next decade, cut these jobs from your list

Travel Agent:

jobs which never have any future

Before years ago, when anyone want to travel any other place of world or country, he start finding best deal , he went to the travel agent, but now the new trended is this that people brows traveling service provider’s website like Orbitz and Expedia, within change this trend the occupation of travel agent has become almost superfluous. People no longer feel the need to visit or call an agent when they can simply get what they want from a website for free.

Data Entry Associate:

jobs which never have any future

This job which is burst danger, big reason is this that software can easily replace within development in technology.


Typist b

With a new age where hard copies almost rarely needed, and companies CEO‘s which are constantly blogging, there need of typist is dwindling, Voice-recognition software now available for those people who need someone to ‘talk letter’.

Telephone Operator:

jobs which never have any future

People who are providing call center services and guide their consumers through telephone calls will replace with computer handle calls.

Newspaper reporters:

jobs which never have any future

Now this time average persons are less dependent on newspapers, the big reason is Internet, with news websites and blogs which are hardly updated daily, one of the big reason is Google News, people needs for newspaper is now decline, due to these reasons newspaper reporter profession bounded to decline because this changing trend.

Export trader carrying gold bricks in his belly

Gold bricks in belly of a trader

In Delhi, the capital of India, according to a doctor about a businessman, bricks of gold were found for his belly. 63-year-old businessman in the field getting vomiting and complaining of pain and was admitted to the hospital.

A trader said the doctor after he ends his angry wife and was swallowed bottle caps. But when the doctors done their operation from their stomach Bottle Cap instead they nearly got four hundred grams of gold. Doctors which done operation told that police and customs authorities and traders asking some questions and have gold in their possession.
gold-bricks found from a trader's belly

Use of gold in the world, India is a country where most of the metal due to the increase in import tax recorded an increase in smuggling.

Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said a senior surgeon, Dr. C. S. Ram Chndran in his life he “did not see this type of case.”

He said, ‘This is the first time that I found gold form patient’s stomach. I remember one time I had a bladder stone weighing one kg of the found from a patient’s stomach. He said, ‘It was the need to give a three-hour operation. He was an elderly patient and we had to take care. We found piles of peat 12 gold brick.
Last year, the Indian government for creating demand for gold decreasing import taxes tripled.