World first city which have there own domain name

Germany city of Berlin to get your Internet domain name is going to be the world’s first city.¬†As stated by the DPA news organization in Berlin from March 18, an inhabitant of organizations and their Internet address postfixes Berlin can utilize the dot at the

The postfix to utilize licensed American Association for the Coordination of Global Internet Systems ICAS CNN and Berlin, under the understanding marked between the administrations is given.

The world’s other real urban communities, for example, Berlin, London, New York, Johannesburg and the Japanese city of Nagoya on your domain name might present.

.Com postfix London will be accessible from April in the not so distant future. This kind of lahqun for open enlistment methodology will be begun in July in the not so distant future.

.Com area chairman Berlin Dirk says Chris cynuusky ‘space ought to be enlightening and it simply cannot be the same acronym.

He said the utilization of Internet-based area can prompt major progressions

Get an area needs Berlin to DOT during the current year will pay 30 to 60 euros, and it is evaluated that five million euros in the first year of wage.