The new version of the XBOX One video game Console will published soon

REDMOND WASHINGTON: The head of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business DON Mattrick explain that XBOX is the main cause of increasing the Microsoft consumers…

The new version of XBOX was launched in 21st May 2013 on Tuesday with new version of its XBOX game console. XBOX always doing a good business since last few years and the head of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business DON Mattrick mentioned that XBOX playing a big role on increasing the consumers of Microsoft.

Forrester Research Analyst James McQuivey also said that the connection between XBOX and Microsoft is very strong which is the cause of the success in the business of Microsoft and XBOX and I think that XBOX is the main part of the Success of Microsoft.

Now we are launching the XBOX One which may be decrease the market of the XBOX 360, I Pad or Smart phone games because we are introducing the mobile features in XBOX one which is the best for the new generation.

In my opinion Every One in this world playing their favorite games and everyone are very fond of playing these videos game online. So Like last version of XBOX (Xbox 360) we also introducing the online playing system with high slandered video and graphic controls and featured.

The Microsoft enjoyin the company of the XBOX market in the world because XBOX playing very important role to increasing the market of Microsoft. The introduction of XBOX in Windows 8 also increasing the demand of the XBOX and their products.