Now the treatment of cancer with the help of high-tech goggles

Latest treating process of cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases which cause the millions of people death and scientists are always looking for cancer treatment, now they discover a new treatment process in the form of high-tech glasses.

In United States became a new goggle technology which will create cancer-prone cells and healthy ones. It will be easier to remove the affected part. Dr. Rhine-field treatment that are part of the program, says: “The technology is fantastic. Just as a microscope advice you do the surgery.
high-tech googles for treatmnt of cancer
In this time there are two process of treating the cancer: one in which cancer drugs are eliminated through other methods of cancer by radiotherapy messenger is removed. Scientists to find a solution to this little healthy tissue outside the tumor, but also cut off some of the cancer cells still exist then require repeat surgery.

With this new treatment process a treated patient during the study body is inserted into a ring. The color is a special type of protein present in the cancer-prone tumor cells have the ability to stick with it. Color after being remove malignant cells of a specific type of light the human eye cannot see it, but they certainly can be seen with the help of high-tech goggles that.

Dr. Rhine field say that with the help of Operation section reduces the cut further if we can do that too. That being said, 40% of breast cancer patients in the U.S. and in the UK approximately 20% of patients require more than one surgery.

Goggles with a specific surgery to remove the tumor which may prove beneficial in patients will not require further surgery. Currently, the new Google technology is used on patients who have early breast cancer.

Now the cured of hepatitis C is Possible

Hepatitis C treatment

A recent study about hepatitis c found that 90 percent of hepatitis C patients transform Twelve weeks of medication may be recouped. Specialists say exploration is a breakthrough in the medicine of hepatitis.

Only two million people in Britain suffer from the disease which caused the deaths have tripled compared to 1996. Current hepatitis C latest treatmenttreatment is only beneficial in some situations, only three percent of the patients prefer the UK. Hepatitis C is a disease which affects the liver.

University of Texas Health Science Center researchers in the dining tested the new medicine in 2013, Spain, Germany, England and the U.S. in 78 centers on 380 patients. The two were investigating a disease in which the patient was twelve weeks and four weeks in which the patient was infected.

Twelve weeks after the experience of 208, 191 patients hepatitis C infection was not present. 165 of 172 patients later in the disease ended two weeks later 96% of patients had recovered. Included in the research of Dr. Fred Purdyd said, “That’s great. I am very happy to patients. It is optimistic about the future now.

He also said that the new hepatitis C medicine to attack the protein and prevents progression of the disease at all ends up here. Some adverse effects from the use of this medication or side effects, patients in whom the sense of exhaustion, headaches, and nausea more.

Current treatment of hepatitis C is vaccinated each year because of side effects in patients whose depression, fatigue and nausea are common.Dr. Purdyd said, adding that this medicine is not beneficial for patients with liver syrusz.

For safety of hiking, electric and dual-fuel vehicles should be have more sound

European parliament had said that for the safety of hiking persons, and those people who are blind or weak, electric and dual-fuel vehicles should be have more sound.

Members of the European Parliament have agreed that in future all-electric vehicles and fuel Doyle must have tool which is similar to the sound of the engine of the vehicle.The organizations and individuals campaigning for the legislation of the European Parliament welcomed the decision. less sound vehicle can be very dangerous for the blind.

soundless car is dangerous for blinds

MPs addition to the legislation, in its meeting roar of cars, vans, and buses also voted strongly in favor of the legislation. The European Council hopes that the new law would put their mark soon.

According to the new law electric and Hybrid cars have become necessary for new models until 2019 that Congress must have taken the sound to such devices.

UK charity dedicated to the visually impaired persons’ Guide Dogs for the Blind, praised the decision. Remember that this organization had the campaign for legislation.

The organization said they were happy with the new legislation, but their sound equipment in vehicles that have strangled the year 2021 deadline to install correctly, but the law should be applied to the skin.

Best tips for lose weight..

Fat loss is one of the hot topic for all fat persons more than one-third of adult in the United States are obese. Getting more fit is a test that is best approached with good faith and some strong learning of the subject. While there are numerous things you can do to shed pounds, wight losing excessively rapidly could be hazardous. It is best to make a good dieting arrange and activity plan that you can adhere to for quite a while. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are for the most part solid and you’re dead set to drop a few pounds rapidly, there are a few strategies and tips you can embrace to help you achieve your transient objectives.

Shedding pounds generally descends to the two-pronged variables of eating regimen and activity. Not altering the first enough, and not getting enough of the second one, winds up giving the singular a formula for being overweight. Conditions identified with heftiness incorporate coronary illness, stroke, sort 2 diabetes, and certain sorts of malignancy, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

how to loss fat

Directing somebody to consume less and practice more could be the least difficult counsel conceivable, yet its additionally, mostly, a distortion. In terms of eating regimen, nobody needs to starve themselves with a specific end goal to get thinner. It has more to do with the sorts of sustenance you consume than the extent to which you consume.

Decrease the measure of red meat in your eating methodology. On the off chance that you would prefer not to dispose of red meat by and large, pick cuts of meat with less fat substance. Limit your admission of salt and starches. In the event that you’ve got to have potato chips close by your sandwich at lunch, decide on the heated potato chips that are less oily and hold less fat than the pan fried chips. You may discover you’re truly not relinquishing that much as far as taste.

An eating methodology rich in products of the soil, vegetables, egg whites, skinless poultry, fish and nonfat dairy items will surely help in the mission of getting thinner. Drink more water and less sugary beverages. In the event that you need to have a pop, an eating regimen pop is a finer choice, however seltzer is a far and away superior decision than that.

Consume vegetables to help you feel full, Stay occupied – you would prefer not to consume only in light of the fact that you’re exhausted.

Consume just from a plate, while situated at a table. No brushing before the ‘ice chest, don’t skip dinners.Drink a lot of water. Get enticing nourishment out of your home.

There are many eating methodology trends around us. However, now and again the best guidance is an ability to think. Work towards a sound eating regimen and incorporate consistent activity. You might be shocked at the outcomes little changes can make.

Best way to give up the Smoking…

Smoking is bad habit everyone know that but only few people away from him most of the people are addicted smoking so badly but today we are tell you the thing which help you to give up smoking, Mostly people start cigarette smoking for fashion, They show up the others that they are able to handle the different style of smoking. But after little time they are addicted it and try so many time to give up this bad habit but they are not successful in it.

There are many ways to give up smoking some experts advise you to use pharmacological products for helping you to off nicotine, other say all you need is a great guide and help supportive network, or a composed system. To add to the disarray, you may discover there is a study that says along these lines works superior to that one, and afterward when you look once more, you discover there is an alternate study that says, no, that one works superior to this one. Yet one thing most specialists coincide on is that a fusion works best. For instance, nicotine trade helps on its own, or directing on its own is not as successful as a mix of the two.

latest tips for give up smoking

Exhortation and backing:

Exhortation and help can help you get to be more mindful, recognize your triggers and when minutes of shortcoming may happen, create systems and contingencies, keep you reasonably grounded and on track with your arrangement, and avoid backslide. Illustrations incorporate balanced or in-individual advising, phone guiding, web projects, assembly help, coaching, and instructing.

 Proper utilization of pharmacological items:

In the event that you feel you are seriously dependent on smoking, you may wish to think about nicotine reinstatement items so your physique steadily gets used to living without nicotine: dependably converse with your specialist, drug specialist, or qualified stopping master first before utilizing these medications.

Enhancing your information:

Read the science, converse with masters, and take in for yourself how smoking harms your well-being and the soundness of those around you. Figure out how others handled the test.

Measuring and recording.

To help you see in dark and white the extent to which you smoke, the extent to which it sets back the ol’ finances you, what amount you could spare; additionally keeping a diary of your shopping excursion. And see it after a moth this will show you that how much you expense on it.

Anti-smoking laws are useful for health?

This comes in the wake of a worldwide study on the smoking ban in openly places have positive results for kids health. According to the researchers, this type of regulation of children from the effects of premature birth and asthma in children after the enactment of this Act by ten percent decline. This team was in North America and Europe in the past eleven investigations analyzed.

Royal College abstrytration and gynecologists the smoking ban has benefited men and children. This is one of the largest investigations against smoking laws in different countries that examine the impact on children.

latest health news

In this study, Britain, Belgium and the U.S., researchers at universities and hospitals in two and a half million births resulting influx of half a million children have asthma review. Participating in this study concerning Dr. Jasper International University of Belgium and the children under the age of 12 years were very important findings.

Dr. Jasper said: “Our research clearly proves that ban smoking in public places young children and children in general have a great impact on health and the World Health Organization recommendations, which resulted in smoke about-free public places are reinforced.

The study author Professor Aziz Sheikh said that a result of this research to improve children’s health, there are more opportunities. He said that many countries do not have laws against smoking after their results should focus on this important area of health. ‘

Earlier investigations had proved that the 40% of children worldwide are affected by tobacco smoke which causes attacks of bronchial asthma is described. Recent European study also proved that tobacco smoke affects the result of the narrowing of the arteries and can cause heart disease progression.

According to experts, the most such problems arise in children because their lungs and the immune system is still able to grow.16% of the world population lives in countries where smoke-free laws. A person smoking organization Forest says, “Remember that the number of people in the UK suffers from the disease of asthma in the last 40 years has tripled during the same period, the number of people who smoke has half.

By eating fruits and vegetables daily increase in age

latest research about human health and age  tell us that by eating fruit and vegetable daily the human age can increase, Scientists say that a day of fruits and vegetables instead of five parts which can raise in age from seven to the food.

By eating fruits and vegetables a day seven of deaths from cancer and heart disorders are less likely to occur.But the British government says that eating five portions a day is enough different that it becomes difficult to follow.

latest research about humen age b

University College London, in a recent study of 65226 men and women in the study noted that people who eat more fruits and vegetables and their risk of dying in a actual age are relatively low.

Experts say that eating only fruits and vegetables but not by lifestyle factors such as abstinence from alcohol and smoking may also reduce mortality, but researchers say the study period factors taken into account.University College London, England’s National Health Survey used for research. In England, which is an annual survey of people in their diet and lifestyle information are taken.

King’s College London School of Medicine professor Tom Saunders said about the research that was already known that fruits and vegetables people eat the more aware they are of good health, she developed teaching and the economy are good as they are at the same risk of death.

They survey data between 2008 to 2001 of carrying out this analysis. During the research the causes, cardiovascular disorders, cancer and stroke deaths were studied because of which it emerged that people who eat fruits and vegetables, their risk of death from these diseases than Was.

Not only that, but those who eat fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of death from any cause was disease. But some experts believe that the results of this study are not exhaustive and lifestyle factors that may be affecting.


Air pollution is the greatest risk to public health

World Health Organization, air contamination on the world, the great risk to public health proclaimed.Pollution is the big reason, according to a new study every eighth individual on the planet who passed on and the reason for death worldwide in the year 2012, 70 million individuals were slaughtered.

Most of the deaths in South and East Asian countries were poor and the middle class and more than half the deaths wood and coal stoves were caused by the smoke rising from.

Air pollution effects
Research findings that houses the smoke arising during the process of cooking most affected are women and children. If only safe for cooking stoves were supplied to the lives of millions of people in the world can escape. They says that outdoor air pollution is a major problem for countries like China and India, where rapid industrialization is taking place.

According to experts inhaled air pollution caused by tiny particles that go into our lungs which can cause disease. Scientists think that air pollution caused by inflammation of the heart makes the heart attack are more likely. They reports that 43 million deaths worldwide in 2012, an air pollution indoors by burning wood or coal, especially in Asia arising during cooking smoke and outdoor air pollution was caused by the death toll was around 37 million, of which 90 percent were in developing countries.

Report says that women are more infected by Air Pollution as compare to men in developing country. Different specialists say the contamination control further research is required to recognize the parts of the deadliest.

Mind cells lost from absence of sleep

As we know about the disadvantages of lake of sleep but a new study about brain tells us that the loss are higher than our estimate, One of the big disadvantage of lake of sleep is this that our brain cell destroyed forever.

Mental science magazine Journal of Neuro-science research to be published in an experience that tells the rats were kept awake till late primary 25 percent of their brain cells died.U.S. scientists say that if the same effects on humans are still being lost sleep lost sleep probably is not no use to accomplish.

Effect of sleep less

These scientists believe that one day we might be able to make a drug that brain cells could be protected from the negative effects of lack of sleep. Research published in the journal were made on the basis of laboratory experiments in which rats. In these experiments, mice deficient sleep in the same style in modern times was the victim of a late night shifts or working in the office are decent human beings.
U.S. Dept of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania studied the brain of rats in which brain cells are active. Lack of sleep for several days, mice treated with the experience been working in shifts to man the pass, ie three night shifts a week, twenty-four hours in which you sleep only four to five hours. In these experiments, mice had brain cells are over twenty-five percent.
Research scientists who say that the first scientific evidence that brain cells are eliminated from lack of sleep, but also to find out whether humans are effects like lack of sleep, we further experiments are needed.

Forceful exercise lessen the possibility of flu

As stated by new study at least two hours every week to practice forceful exercise decrease the likelihood of being flu.

London School of Tropical Medicine by high gene and being “Flu” study 4800 individuals took an interest in the online Survey. The analysts say that practice does not handle this defensive impact.This winter an Flu patient is marginally lower rate.

Flu study discharged five years and consistently they figure out what to do and how to think, not icy. Period of the review inquiries, have youngsters or not is moreover that he additionally asked to what extent week forceful style activities, for example, cycling, running or games.

Forceful exercise

He is then said to them, go to the site consistently and let us know what they feel chilly or have comparable impacts. The analysts say that no less than one hundred thousand instances of flu are a sure combative activity might be fathomed. He further said that in the not so distant future than the last few years, an icy 6% were under 4.7% of patients.

Decrease in Flu seen in kids who are under five percent to eight percent left.The overview likewise gives data on Flu and to Britain’s open health reconnaissance system is a piece of the stream.