Saudi Arabia now plan a separate airport for Hujjaj

A separate airport for pilgrims

Riyadh: General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) said on Thursday that Saudi Arabia now build a new Airport for giving the service to pilgrims to Mecca in the nearby city of Taif.

GACA spokesperson said  that they setting up a tender and will request consortia from international and neighborhood organizations to offer bid for creating the airport, and means to award an agreement in the first a half of 2015. He said it will be produced on an assemble-work-exchange premise, in which a designer funds the development and recovers its venture by working the runway.

The airport strip will serve guests for the yearly Hajj, and additionally Umrah, a lesser pilgrimage to Mecca which might be performed at whenever of year.

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The stockperson said that GACA’s board sanction the project on Wednesday and is working with the International Financing Corporation, the counseling wing of the World Bank, to help set up the tender.

The vast majority of the million Hajj travelers hailing from abroad every year now touch base at an uncommon terminal in Jeddah’s International Airport; however others fly into Medina, the city where Islam’s originator built the first Muslim community.

Baghdad: 31 people killed in attack on rally several were injured

Baghdad bomb attack kills dozens

Baghdad Shia political party election rally blast has killed at least 31 people. Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq party rally, several people were injured in the attack.

The attack happened at a time when Iraq’s parliamentary elections less than a week is left. After the 2008 civil war that Iraq is the victim of the worst violence. When rally was concluded at that time were three explosions happened.

Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq has the support of Iran and supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq leader Wahab Altai said, “This action is a sign of chaos and all that we can to move forward and not to compete. They wanted to give us a message and they do it, but it could not deter us.”
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In 2011 after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq on Wednesday, the first parliamentary elections are. Candidates are participating more than 9,000 of the country’s 328 seats.

However, during the elections in Sunni-dominated Anbar province of posts people will not vote because there are still extremists and tribal militants, security forces are engaged in combat.

Falujh city of Ramadi, the provincial capital, in control of militants and security forces is trying to regain control.

Russia: If interests in the Ukraine victims they would retaliate

Ukraine issue

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey lavrov has said that if his interest in the Ukraine victims they would retaliate. Russian minister to the United States accused of controlling the situation in Ukraine.

He said that while U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to the Ukrainian government over ‘anti-terrorist’ operation is resumed, it has become very clear. Ukrainian government is facing armed uprising in the eastern part of the country and the Ukraine and western Russia is resistance control, but Russia denies the charge.
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Then in eastern Ukraine lugansk donetsk and at least nine cities, including pro-Russian groups in most areas occupies.
America has repeatedly demanded Russia that they surrender of armed men and asked to leave public places. Moreover, the aggressive rhetoric on Russia to overcome and to do so on the threatened further sanctions.

Sergey lavrov, the Russian channel that you like Georgia, we were attacked, we will certainly respond. He said, ‘If our interests, our legitimate interests, the interests of the Russians was directly targeted, as happened in South Ossetia, then I think the law will have no choice but to respond. ”

Sergey lavrov also recognize that the United States does not see any reason to do this whole thing is running.
Earlier, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned Russia that Ukraine measures are not taken to reduce the tension further sanctions will be imposed.

Nigeria: 71 people dead in bus bombing

Bus bombing in Nigeria

According to officials in Nigeria in Abuja, the capital, two blasts killed more than 70 people and 124 people wounded.

The explosion occurred at a bus station on the outskirts of the capital. This time to go to work when the passengers were boarded buses and taxis. Witnesses said that after the explosion there were bodies scattered.

Correspondents say the attack was carried out by the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram.Nigeria 70 people dead in bus bombing

A witness told that he saw 40 bodies, while others say that they support workers and police saw body parts together.

According to a news agency Nian Motor park explosion crater 1.2 meters deep and 30 vehicles were destroyed. A witness who works in Abuja perhaps Miami’s Daniel told Reuters news agency: “I was just expecting that I heard the explosion. Spread chaos after the explosion and people started running. ”

Another witness told: I have never before seen such a scene, she really was horrible. We ran in search of shelter. We saw many bodies.

America refused to give visa to the Iranian ambassador

Iranian ambassador Hamid Abu Talib

US refused to give visa to the Iranian ambassador Hamid Abu Talib, both houses of U.S. Congress had voted against the U.S. entering.

Hamid Abu Talib sure the students were part of the U.S. embassy in Tehran in the year 1979, capturing the people there had taken hostage. After the Islamic Revolution in Iran 52 U.S. citizens were held hostage for 444 days.

Under the American Revolution, considered a close associate of King Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran was deposed and the latest world newsAyatollah Khomeini took power in Iran was. After the decision of the U.S. Office of the United Nations in New York due to Hamid Abu Talib served as Iranian ambassador to the UN will be difficult.

Meanwhile, Iran says Hamid Abu Talib is one of the diplomats and UN Ambassador of Iran as their name will not be back.

Earlier Thursday, White House spokesman Jay Carney said the Iranian government, ‘We made it clear to the Iranians know that the choice is not viable Hamid Abu Talib. “Legislation passed Thursday people has been banned from entering the United States who participated in espionage or terrorism and a threat to national security.

The draft from the Texas Republican Party was introduced in the Senate by Senator Ted Cruz. He urged Obama to accept it, we as a nation, rogue states like Iran can send a unified message that the U.S. hostile and provocative behavior of this kind cannot bear.

Realistic time to looked talks of Middle East

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has said that relations between Palestine and Israel looked realistic time has come. Speaking in Morocco Kerry argued that in this case, however, Washington had set a time limit Israel and Palestinians agree on a deal to try.

Clinton’s statement came in the last two days, Israel keeps its word to each other, is accused of. Speaking on a visit to Rabat on Friday, Clinton said, we still think it will stay for some time that the negotiation process is heading. We want to anticipate what the next steps.

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John Kerry believes that last from several weeks to resume direct negotiations with the parties pushing their efforts, however, shocked when her 26 prisoners held in Israeli jails differences with regard to come. The Washington expressed anger about the situation and said sides are unnecessary steps.

By Israel on Thursday to announce the release of Palestinian prisoners  fourt group angry Palestinians. Before the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli public three groups did not like at all was because many people were freed prisoners who were convicted of killing Israelis.

Israel on Thursday, Palestinian leaders enhance their identity in the wake of the United Nations to release Palestinian prisoners fourth group plan was abandoned. Tzipi Livni, Israel’s justice minister said the Palestinian prisoners’ release terms of his actions fear is Rs. That their stance on the Palestinian prisoners to be released each case the Israel before negotiations began in July promised to release them.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday, beginning with the fourth Geneva Convention to ratify international treaties ‘Palestinian state’ requests signed by the Palestinians say the move prisoners from Israel is not going to react.

U.S. military base Fort Hood: U.S. soldier shot and killed four people, 16 injured

America’s Fort Hood military base in Texas: A U.S. soldier shot and killed four people and injured 16. The dead included the attacker has shot himself. Army officials said the attackers had been identified, but his family has not been notified yet.

General military spokesman told reporters Mark found no evidence that the attack had nothing to do with terrorism, it was not unlikely.

U.S. military base Fort Hood

U.S. President Barack Obama has expressed deep regrets over the incident.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama has said that he is humbled by the news. He fired vowed a full investigation into the incident. He said, ‘I want to assure you all that we will get to the bottom of this incident. According to Barack Obama at Fort Hood for the great sacrifices they have made freedom.

Remember in 2009 on the base Major Nidal Hasan shot and killed 13 people and left 32 injured. The situation was brought under control and is returning to normal.

An FBI officer told that FBI and local police to discuss the incident, but he was injured in the shooting did not provide further details about those. He said that we are reviewing the incident.

General MLI had said the attackers soldier were serving in Iraq and it was being reviewed or not they need psychiatric treatment. He said the attackers had suffered from depression.