Pakistan will import Liquid natural gas from Qatar

Cabinet approved policy to import liquefied natural gas

Pakistan’s federal Cabinet approved policy to import liquefied natural gas from Qatar, under this policy, Pakistan diameter of two hundred million cubic feet of gas a day initially to import than a year to four hundred million cubic feet per day will reach.

The agreement for the Cabinet approved gas tariff charges for services that zero decimal six dollars (0.66) per cubic meter have been fixed.

Pakistan import LNG from Qatar

On Wednesday after the meating of cabnit, according to an official announcement by the government to import liquefied gas from Qatar is approved in principle. This policy before the meeting of Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet has approved.

Petroleum and Natural Resources Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi of Pakistan policy to meet the gas will begin by November.

Expert saying about LNG import

Gas sector expert Wahaj Ahmed says Pakistan arrival until November of this gas does not seem possible. Pakistan to import enough gas to its gas import terminal is not that begins this year does not look.

He said the government has signed a deal to buy gas from Qatar’s gas prices have been sixteen seventeen dollars, while the world market price of gas could be available.

The gas shortage in Pakistan to meet the natural gas will be used. National Interest gas produces half of Pakistan. In winter, when gas consumption is on the rise, demand for gas in the country to four billion cubic feet per day is half of its gas is available.

To accomplish this reduction somewhat the liquefied natural gas (LNG) import policy, and for this purpose there was an agreement with Qatar.