A young man buried in search of treasure at Multan

Man dead in search of treasure

The search of treasure is the hot topic of Hollywood movies but in Pakistan A  man in the southern Punjab city of Multan in search of treasures were buried alive in a tunnel was dug his own.

Delhi Gate police station house officer Raja Riaz Mohammad Zeeshan told that his father had said on behalf of his peer that a home down the treasure buried Sikhs who went to India after the creation of Pakistan were.

Man buried while digging

Her parents called the police and filed a lawsuit Monday against the alleged treasure dug out the man was encouraged. Ancient houses in densely populated Delhi Gate Multan, about 50 feet long and winding down the narrow tunnel is so dangerous that the District Coordination Officer and support staff in the buried man refused to evacuate.

Mohammad Zeeshan his marla house in which they excavated a small area of the home is less. Zeeshan on the top floor of the old parents whose only child living while pursuing Finance trapped in the winding tunnel. Only in the lower floor of the port tunnel and the soil is turned.

1122 official aid agency worker Abdul Jabbar told hat the excavation work at home to be released in secret for many days, but the agency reported Saturday and Sunday night was a time when some portion of the tunnel collapsed and Mohammad Zeeshan stuck in it.

The ancient city of Multan, Pakistan is regarded as wealthy Hindus and Sikhs lived before partition. Residents of cities in the old town are the kind of stories that circulate Hindu and Sikh refugees have buried his treasure here., A tradition that these treasures are guarded by snakes. Some say that these treasures safe is made of magic. This assumption is also full of treasures under the influence of magic pots underground travel from one place to another place.

Some simple people to know the truth of these stories are in search of treasures and some fake persons take advantage of it. Mohammad Zeeshan neighborhood, told the media that he had tried to get the treasure five years ago, but neighbor intervened to stop working.

Aid agency officials say the mine has gone through several houses and buildings under threat. Zahid Saleem Gondal, District Coordination Officer, told the media that the tunnel is so narrow and dangerous that could again fall into the relief workers cannot put more lives in danger.

Around the house, fear of falling and risk the lives of the rescue workers halted rescue operation is currently underway and the district administration has remaining consultation with local people.