A Mobile battery which will charge in just 30 Seconds

Faster chargeable battery

The technology conference in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv is offered in a battery is charged only 30 seconds. Microsoft’s’ Think Next Conference on “Israeli Company Store dot at the conference presented the device which has been developed from biological structures.

The demonstration of performance of this device Samsung Galaxy S smart phone 4 only 26 seconds to complete the low charge battery was fully charged. This battery is designed only as a model, and the company says that the commercial market will require in the coming three years.

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Inventor saying about Battery

Myrzdurf the battery inventor Dr. Doran told that we believe that we are within a year of smart phones this battery can be able to have three years I can offer for commercial purposes.

This bio-organic battery that uses self-Nano Crystals. Crystals those about ten years ago in Tel Aviv for the first time to disease aylzhaymr learned during the research.

According to Dr. Myrzdurf make these style batteries than ordinary batteries cost 30 to 40 percent after being twice as expensive in the market, there will be traditional batteries. But according to these batteries is relatively easy. Dr. Myrzdurf says’ it is only natural to do its job and we are supported in chemical processes. ”

Dr. Myrzdurf the possible use of this technology is many. According to him, the battery is an industry in which we can use this new content. This is the new physics, new chemistry and a new method of access devices. “This team Crystals Nano chips used in the memory is three times faster than conventional flash memory works.