Pakistan Prime Minister congratulated Narendra Modi on his victory in election

Narendra Modi victory in Lok Sabha election

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif congratulated the BJP leader Narendra Modi on his victory in Lok Sabha election and send him a invitation to visit pakistan.
A statement released by Prime minister’s house said that, Pakistan’s Prime Minister congratulated Narendra Modi on winning the general election and invited them to come to Pakistan. .
On the other hand Pakistan president Mamnoon Hussein also sends a congratulatory message to Narendra Modi for lead in the polls
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The trends that are yet to their opposition BJP is far ahead of the ruling Congress.

Congress spokesperson Rajiv Shukla told reporters that ‘we admit defeat and are ready to sit in opposition. ”
Millions in India-counting process began Friday morning. With the largest democracy of the world’s longest election process is reaching its conclusion.

Immediately after voting public opinion data “Exit polls” has been predicted the Narendra Modi as the prime ministerial, but analysts say that in the past Exit Polls have been wrong.

Elections, the party won 272 seats or more will be the majority in the House. On a total of 28 parties including BJP alliance and the coalition that is being said about 249 of the 340 seats can win.