Education Department of Punjab order to elliminate obscenity syllabus



LAHORE: The Punjab learning Department has handed out instructions to confiscate the research publication of class six of Lahore Grammar School (LGS) which the department states has obscene material which is provocative for youth.

A exceptional departmental managing group, formed on the instructions of head Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, has also submitted the report founded on its recommendations after a comprehensive review of contentious matters in the syllabus of the LGS.
These matters include the exclusion of the compulsory subject Islamic studies from the curriculum of class six of LGS and its replacement with the subject of religious studies which the department said “is tantamount to deceive and bewilder the juvenile lifetime with complexity of topics like relative study of religions at such a lower level”.
Punjab learning Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan said that the significance of personal part in promotion of learning is rather apparent but no one can permit them to misuse this position. He clarified that accusations had been obtained from diverse parts of humanity that LGS was indulged in teaching obscene material challenging for the youth.
“The CM took observe of this matter while he was on an authorized visit to Turkey and constituted a managing group which has now completed its outcome in this matter. LGS management said that they have expunged the objectionable material from their books but the said sections are still included in the publications accessible in the markets and Urdu Bazaar,” he supplemented.
He farther supplemented, “Any farther activity would be taken after the directions by the Chief Minister.”
The Punjab government had to take activity as the obscene material is accessible in the market, he said.
“Article 25 of the Constitution of Pakistan is quite clear about the provision that no Pakistani citizen should be educated a religion other than his own religion”, the minister supplemented.
He furthermore said that provocation of youth via obscene material “was furthermore cognizable under Pakistan Penal cipher part 293 and part 298.”
Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan repeated that the Punjab government will not allow anyone to make the youth hostage to a foreign mindset by teaching them material which is against communal norms, values and religious convictions.
He furthermore announced the constitution of a exceptional committee under the convener-ship of Secretary Schools learning Punjab Abdul Jabbar Shaheen, which will reconsider the syllabi of all the private part informative organisations in Punjab.
He asked to the media to recognise objectionable material included in the syllabus of any school. The government will take punctual activity against the perpetuators.