Pakistan economic growth rate is less than Nepal and Afghanistan

A bad news for Pakistan economy, according to The Asian Development Bank the 2014 countries in South Asia, Pakistan’s economic growth rate is likely to be lowest. According to the report, Pakistan’s economic growth rate is expected to grow to 3.4%, which is less than the war-torn country of Afghanistan and Nepal.

Asian Development Bank report on the region’s economy, the Asian Development Outlook ‘issue is of 2014. The report stated that 2014 countries in South Asia’s economic growth rate will be 5.3%.

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Asian Development Bank said in its report last year, although slightly better than expected performance of the economy this year, but the year-end inflation rate in Pakistan is likely to increase.

Asian Development Bank, Pakistan figures could rise to nine percent in the prices of essential commodities. Pakistan receives additional funds from abroad also expressed concern, saying that Bank of Pakistan to achieve stable sources of foreign exchange should rely on.

Asian Development Bank economist at the Pakistani mission Insignificance Farzana Noshab say that the increase in sales tax, electricity and gas prices and food prices has increased the rate of inflation. ‘

The report said that government reforms in certain sectors, particularly in the energy sector in Pakistan’s economy has improved slightly, but the law and order situation in the country and costs continue to rise due to several problems.Asian Development Bank says extremism have been due to investor confidence and foreign investment in the country is very low and the corresponding growth in the industrial sector.

Asian Development Bank says the money coming from friendly countries, Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves increased as the time value of money and was too steady, but it is not known how long the Pakistan foreign funds will continue to.

Report on the Review of the Economy in the Asian countries that India’s economic growth is lower than the economic expected and two thousand fourteen at five decimal five percent growth rate of the Indian economy is likely to be. The region most 7.5% of Sri Lanka’s economic growth is expected. Asian countries including Pakistan, the report recommends that the growing gap between rich and poor to spend more on public welfare.

Farzana Insignificance associated with Asian development bank (ADB) economist, say  that although the rupee has improved the economy is good for the other side that no one knows the amount of time that it will meet next year or not. Such offshore funds, we have reservations.