Pakistan Protection Bill 2014 approved in the National Assembly of Pakistan

Pakistan Protection Bill 2014

Pakistan’s National Assembly has approved a controversial Pakistan Protection bill 2014 for counter-terrorism in Pakistan. This bill will take effect for two years.

Roles of armed and civilian forces are clarified in the amended bill for preventing the criminal activities in the country. According to the bill, police officer of rank 15 will be authorized to order shoot at sight but after giving warning to the assailant. In addition, mobile phone connections will also be presented as evidence.

Pakistan Protection Bill 2014

Crimes Ordinance has been scheduled for several crimes including arson, bombing, killing members of the Department of Health, attack, defense and communication facilities etc.

Types of accused in the amendment bill

According to amendment bill there will be three type of accused. They are a foreigner; they will be dealt with in another way. Other Pakistani terrorists, while the third will be the common man.

The bill increased the punishment in scheduled offences from 10 years to 20 years, whereas, any person will be given on remand period till 60 days.

Suspicious person can have in prison for 60 days, while courts needed to monitor their detention shall have the right. In addition, law enforcement agencies will be able to search without warrant any shady spot.

The upper house of Parliament, the Senate has already approved this bill with some amendments.

Opposition parties in the Senate in the past opposed the (PPO) bill and the government faces failure many times due to low majority.