South Korea: A passenger ship is sinking, 290 people missing

South Korean coast guard officials say the country’s south-western coast is sinking a passenger ship which name is Ferry¬†and 476 people onboard. Officials say two people died when dozens of people are missing.

Officials say the rescue operation continued for several hours baujudkm least 290 people are missing. The rescue operation of 34 Navy, Coast Guard and civilian aircraft and 18 helicopters are taking part.A passenger ship is sinking, 290 people missing

Officials said the passengers aboard the ships are mostly secondary school students. Coast Guard Forces spokesman told that the plane is filled with water and is sinking.

South Korean TV news channel quoted a passenger Wi-TN “We heard a loud crash and the plane stopped. The ship is slanted so that we remain in his seat and sat there holding is.

According to reports, the plane slowly drowning in the sea 20 kilometers off the coast of the island of byungpung, danger signals were given.