Professions which will reached their end in next few decades

Jobs which will never have future:

Today we will predicate about those professions which never have any future, three professions holders will lose jobs in future. According to the latest study technology which is fast boosting and replace the humans now ready to replace up to 47% of current jobs in future nearly 2033.
Here is the list job which is hardly in danger. If you want to have job security and plan on staying employed past the next decade, cut these jobs from your list

Travel Agent:

jobs which never have any future

Before years ago, when anyone want to travel any other place of world or country, he start finding best deal , he went to the travel agent, but now the new trended is this that people brows traveling service provider’s website like Orbitz and Expedia, within change this trend the occupation of travel agent has become almost superfluous. People no longer feel the need to visit or call an agent when they can simply get what they want from a website for free.

Data Entry Associate:

jobs which never have any future

This job which is burst danger, big reason is this that software can easily replace within development in technology.


Typist b

With a new age where hard copies almost rarely needed, and companies CEO‘s which are constantly blogging, there need of typist is dwindling, Voice-recognition software now available for those people who need someone to ‘talk letter’.

Telephone Operator:

jobs which never have any future

People who are providing call center services and guide their consumers through telephone calls will replace with computer handle calls.

Newspaper reporters:

jobs which never have any future

Now this time average persons are less dependent on newspapers, the big reason is Internet, with news websites and blogs which are hardly updated daily, one of the big reason is Google News, people needs for newspaper is now decline, due to these reasons newspaper reporter profession bounded to decline because this changing trend.