Hospital staff accused of hushing up rape



LAHORE: Family of a five-year-old rape cause belonging to Kasur has alleged the Children’s Hospital management not only endeavoured to hush up the issue but also released the minor girl in haste without giving her correct remedy.

The hospital’s health Director Ahsan Waheed Rathor assertions the girl was correctly attended at the facility and that she was released after her family denied to extend the remedy there.

The young female was raped in Kasur from where she was mentioned to Children’s Hospital by medical practitioners granted her grave condition.

She was now under treatment at locality Headquarter clinic, Kasur, where, according to the family, her status was said to be serious.

The girl’s uncle notified The Newstrance she was admitted to a personal ward at the first floor of Children’s clinic under registration No 208486 and was released three hours later in ‘haste’.

He said the clinic administration had firmly told the girl’s father not to reveal the issue to the newspapers.

He notified that the girl was playing along with her junior male sibling out-of-doors her dwelling located on Shahbaz Raod, Kasur, on Sunday night when she suddenly went away around 7pm.

The family observed her disappearance an hour later, he said, and started looking for her, but to no avail.

He said subsequent a passerby discovered her lying lifeless near an outhouse and communicated the family.

He said the victim’s father was a poor labourer and he could not pay for her remedy in Lahore. although, he said, granted her worsening condition, he said, the family moved her to Children’s Hospital on Thursday afternoon.

He said Kasur police had arrested a inhabitant of the same locality over doubt of his engagement in the inhuman act and lodged a case.

Children’s Hospital health controller Prof Dr Ehsan Waheed Rathore refuted the accusations of the family, saying the rape victim was properly looked after at the wellbeing facility.

He told that the Kasur boss locality agent (Health) had informed him about the incident.

He said she was directly moved to a private room of the wellbeing facility. Pediatric surgery department head Prof Dr Muhammad Salim had administered the staff to keep the young female under observation for 24 hours in view of her some complications but her family denied to extend remedy at the Hospital.

He said the parents of the young female notified to the doctors that they liked to get remedy at the Kasur DHQ.