Shah Rukh khan became the second richest Actor in the world

Shah Rukh Khan, the world’s second richest actor

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has become the world’s second wealthiest actor, the big Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and Johnny Deep has long left behind.

Reputed websites, Wealth X ‘ released Hollywood and Bollywood’s ten richest actors list, Shahrukh Khan according to the latest list of wealth estimated at $ 60 million, in Indian rupees has been three and a half billion rupees.
Shah Rukh Khan and Hollywood’s leading actors before and richest 60-year-old comedian Jerry Seinfeld are in the field. The Web site reported that their total wealth of $820 million.

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Ten of the world’s richest list Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan are just a name. Shahrukh is the name of Tom Cruise in the list; their wealth has been estimated at $ 48 million. Johnny Depp’s property is estimated at 45 million dollars, while the wealth of the American actor Tyler Perry has been estimated at $ 45 million and the combined fourth and fifth ranks.

Total wealth of Top ten Actor in the list

According to Wealth X list of all actors billion total wealth is Four billion 68 million dollars. According to Indian newspaper The Times of India Wealth X said, “Shah Rukh Khan’s wealth has been estimated at $ 60 million. Besides their country of India are also very popular all over the world. He is also a filmmaker, TV host and also a team co-owner of the Indian cricket club and participates in social activities. He has starred in more than 50 Bollywood movies, he is in the Cannes Film Festival are constantly involved.