Sanaullah dies in Chanidigarh hospital on 9th May 2013

New Delhi: Pakistani Prisoner Sannullah Haq is died in the Chandigarh after the attck of the other prisonars on him on 6th May 2013. Rana Sanaullah Haq died on 09th May 2013.

After the incident of Sarabajeet singh India also shown his original face by killing the Pakistan Prisonar SanaUllah Haq. India always try to take revenge from Pakistan.

A few days ago an accident was occurred in Kot Lakhpat jail, Lahore Pakistan by the attacks of the inmates on him. Pakistani doctors try his best to save him but he died on 02nd May 2013 and Indian adopted that Sarabajeet was a terrorist and also the agent of the Indian Army.

But Sanaullah Haq was the innocent Pakistani citizen. Indian army doesn’t bear the death of Sarabajeet Singh, which was an accident, and show his orginal face after killing the Pakistani innocent prisoner SanaUllah.

By one report we got that SanaUllah Haq is murdered by the former Indian soldier Vinod. Sarabajeet death was an accident but everyone now that is a murder which is done by deliberately.

~~~May Allah rest SanaUllah Haq soul in peace (Ameen)~~~