Speed up your PC without reinstalling Window

How to speed up PC?

Today we are giving you better solution for a big trouble which is mostly people are facing when they are using their Window PC, if you are using windows installed PC then after some months your PC performance slowly degrades, with time up to a point you can’t even check your emails until you abused your PC, Mostly people sort out this solution with reinstalling windows but this procedure is not very easy, for sort out this problem we have set a list of suctions which are very helpful if you want to speed up your PC.

Close up Unused Application:

Close your system un-using application, why are they running?, applications which are never in used or in your system tray close them out, Next, open MSCONFIG and configure your startup to include minimal applications. This allow for a faster start up.

Energy setting

Empty Recycle Bin:

A simple delete is does not really free up your system memory until you never clean up your Recycle Bin, this will help to clean up the junks of your PC and allow for a better PC performance.

slow pc problem


It will be your duty to defragment your PC hard drive once a month or twice a month, so that your Pc Performance will be optimum.

slow pc problem

Uninstalling unused software:

The applications or software which is never in your use for a long time, it’s never good to stay on your memory, uninstall them a free up your memory and space.

Uninstalling unused software c


The people who are hibernate their PC or put him for long time on Sleep mood, this procedure makes a burden on memory for a long time for assuming purposes, So proper shut down refresh system memory and clean up the cluster in the order to perform well.
Shut Down b


This is better to have a good antivirus to fight against Virus, keep a virus free PC is optimized your Pc performance.

slow pc problem

Temporary files:

To find and delete the temporary files of your commuter is helping to perform your PC better, when you are deleting (*.temp) files its free up your PC memory which helps for optimized PC performance.

slow pc problem

Energy setting:

If you are using a laptop or netbook and containing him on energy saving mood then this is one of the reasons which slow down your PC performance. When laptop turned to energy saving mood they usually limit a processor’s working.

Energy setting b