For safety of hiking, electric and dual-fuel vehicles should be have more sound

European parliament had said that for the safety of hiking persons, and those people who are blind or weak, electric and dual-fuel vehicles should be have more sound.

Members of the European Parliament have agreed that in future all-electric vehicles and fuel Doyle must have tool which is similar to the sound of the engine of the vehicle.The organizations and individuals campaigning for the legislation of the European Parliament welcomed the decision. less sound vehicle can be very dangerous for the blind.

soundless car is dangerous for blinds

MPs addition to the legislation, in its meeting roar of cars, vans, and buses also voted strongly in favor of the legislation. The European Council hopes that the new law would put their mark soon.

According to the new law electric and Hybrid cars have become necessary for new models until 2019 that Congress must have taken the sound to such devices.

UK charity dedicated to the visually impaired persons’ Guide Dogs for the Blind, praised the decision. Remember that this organization had the campaign for legislation.

The organization said they were happy with the new legislation, but their sound equipment in vehicles that have strangled the year 2021 deadline to install correctly, but the law should be applied to the skin.