Many new Earth-like Planets was found by the Astronomers in Vacuum

In one report to the local media the NASA Research center explain that the by scanning the Vacuum from there telescope our astronomers found the new planet which are same as like our Earth. By one report astronomers also mentioned that there are also water and Oxygen in that planets.

The Kepler Science principal investigator at NASA Ames Research Center William Borucki said that our astronomers found the two planets which are same as like the Earth and their Atmosphere also same as like Earth.

We named them as 62e and 62f. The 62e is about 40 percent greater than our earth and we assumed that it is warm and there is just water on it no land on it seen by any one.

The 62f is also greater that earth in some reports our astronomers mentioned that it is about 60 percent larger than our Earth and it seems like an Earth but its time period is shorter than our earth because it completed its orbit rotation in 267 days and our earth complete its orbit rotation 365 days. Both the planet might be warm due to the many orbits of stars around them. But recently we are failed to know that both the planets are rocky or watery because in their picture we cannot get the actual image of any rocky surface on both planet.

Our next target is to judge the rocky and watery place on these planets and also to get information about the any life on those planets. If it is true that the life is possible on those planets then we you have very breaking news from our sides.