A teenage son of a Chinese singers jailed over rape

celebrity singer meng ge son

Beijing – The teenage son of two celebrity vocalists for the Chinese military was convicted of rape on Thursday and punished to 10 years in prison, in a case the public closely watched for signals of leniency because of his family ties.

Li Tianyi, 17, and four other defendants took an 18-year-old woman they met in a Beijing bar in February to a hotel room, where they trounce her and sexually assaulted her. Li had refuted the allegations at his test last month, saying he was intoxicated during the incident.

Only one of the defendants was an mature person. He pleaded not guilty but was punished to 12 years. Li, who also pleaded not at fault, was punished to 10 years, in what the court said was a penalty that took into account his minor rank. The other three — all of who pleaded guilty — were punished to three to four years.

judgments for rape commonly variety from three to 10 years, but in cases deemed critical — encompassing gang rapes and those causing serious injury or death — the judgments can range up to life in jail and even death.

Recorded on surveillance

The case focused vigilance on what the Chinese public often considers the wayward demeanour of young kids of the privileged. Li is the baby-faced child of Li Shuangjiang and Meng Ge, both celebrity military vocalists known for their rousing odes for the People’s Liberation armed detachment and starring functions in television galas.

The case furthermore had developed discussion of how Chinese enclosures would deal with violence in situations where the victim’s status had been called into inquiry. On Thursday, the court said accusations that the victim might be a prostitute were irrelevant to the rape case.

Li Tianyi said he was intoxicated and passed out throughout the occurrence, that he not ever trounce or had sex with the casualty and that he could remember little of the night in question, according to state newspapers.

But the Haidian court said Li was a major culprit, noting Li caught the victim’s arm and pulled her into the inn and that Li was seen hitting her head and face in an elevator as noted on surveillance.

he said Li claimed the woman to disrobe and when she denied, slapped her. It said Li was the first to force sex on the casualty.

Li had run into legal trouble before the rape conviction. After drubbing a couple following a collision in 2011, Li was dispatched to a work bivouac in the broadly publicized case.

More than Fourty killed in Nairobi Shopping mall by terrorist’s attack about Hundered wounded

nairobi attack images

NAIROBI: Masked attackers raged a crammed upmarket buying mall in Nairobi on Saturday, squirting gunfire and murdering 30 persons and wounding dozens more before holing themselves up in the convoluted.

A police officer secures an area as civilians flee inside Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi

The gunmen were “pinned down” after hours of painstaking evacuations, with police going shop to shop to protected the Westgate shopping shopping centre.

older police claimed that a well-organised “terror gang” numbering around 10 was behind the assault on the buying centre, which was crammed with round 1,000 shoppers when it was besieged at noon.

“The death toll is now standing at 30. This encompasses those who have past away at the scene ” a older policeman told reporters. The Red traverse verified the number and said another 60 had been wounded in the attack.

The Kenyan government, which has armies battling Shebab insurgents in neighbouring Somalia, said it was too early to state who was to blame.

“Investigations have begun to find out the perpetrators of this crime.

Police at the view said a suppose hurt in the firefight had been detained and taken to clinic under armed guard.

“We have reports there were up to 10 or so attackers and they appeared to be wearing a alike outfit, and rest covered their faces,”said by a policeman “The pattern of the attack and the way they were speaking to their goals clearly issue to a well-planned strike by a terror gang.”

previous a policeman source said it had been confirmed that the attackers were retaining at least seven hostages. As darkness dropped over Nairobi, their destiny was unclear.

Kenyan armies could be glimpsed going around and inside the buying centre while special forces had connected the procedure.

An AFP reporter said she glimpsed at smallest 20 persons released from a shop. Many of wounded, some of them bleeding young kids, were taken away from the shopping centre on stretchers.

Turkish company is building wind plant by $300 million in Pakistan



Turkish construction company STFA is going to introduce wind plant technology in Pakistan which will produce a 50 megawatt wind plant and also power transmission lines by huge cost $300 million, an agreement signed 0n thursday

Mehmet Ali Neyzi STFA chief executive said the approximate cost of the wind plant would be one billion dollars and another 2 billion dollars would be invested in the fixing of transmission lines.

this is an other friendly gift by the Turkish nation to the Pakistanis that will help to meet the engery crises, Pakistani nation suffring from .

Trukish is much co-oprative since many years to boost economy of Pakistan thats why they helping Pakistan in many ways like Metro bus and others………..

Mine collapse in Indonesia and about 21 person died

TIMIKA Indonesia: On 14th May 2013 on Tuesday a freeport, gold mine collapse in Timika. On the collapse day the rescue persons save 10 people alive but now death tolls reaches to 21.

By a report the rescued workers told that there are about thirty eight workers in the tunnel. But only ten workers alive and now death toll reach at 21. The Mine collapse accident was occurred in the Freeport tunnel in Timika Indonesia.

The accident of the mine collapse occurred in the world biggest gold and copper mine mountains n the province in Indonesia in Papua on 14th May 2013 and just 10 workers rescued alive out of thirty eight workers who work in the Mine.

In last night on 20th May 2013 the rescue and search team explain that only 17 (seventeen) workers died in the tunnel collapse in TIMIKA Indonesia. But in today morning on 21st May 2013 on Tuesday the rescue persons found another four dead bodies in Freeport, Gold and Copper mine.

The Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyoo said I want the full report of causes of mine collapse and If we found the negligence of the authority in Mine then we will take the serious action against the management of the Mine.

Now worker demanding the full secure and save system for their works otherwise they will go on strike against the management of freeport, Gold and Copper mine…


Benefits of the Fish oil Capsule which helps to stop the heart attacks

BOSTON: After a big research on the heart attacks, in Italy researchers found that Fish oil’s work very perfect against the heart attacks. 

On a research over hear attacks treatments, the Italian researchers found that, persons who use the fishes regularly can prevent the heart attacks. The research also clear that Omega 3 fatty acids are found in Fish oils which is very useful for the heart and stop heart attacks.

In 2010 on same research the researchers failed to prevent the use of the fish oil capsules regularly. And they fold their research without providing any exact report.

On a interview of the Arnett he mention that:

[quote]”They’re very high-risk people, and so the level of other treatments was very high,” “When you’re being aggressively treated for all of your other risk factors, adding fish oil yielded no additional benefits.”[/quote]

The resurch report was mention on Thursday on 9th May 2013 in which he briefly explain that the Fish oil is very use for reducing the heart attacks.

He also explain that medicines are not useful to prevent the heart attacks. Fish is more useful that the medicine to prevent the heart attacks.