Google’s new 3-D tablet for capture 3-D images

Small device for capturing 3D images

Google company is working on a tablet computer, which will be able to create 3D images, or capture 3D image. According to the source company said that four thousand such computers will be made next month.

The tablet computer will have two cameras in their back and latest software will be installing in it to capture the images in 3D, this tablet computer will be presented in the next conference of developers. Google says it will not comment on rumors and predictions.

Tango Project III

In March this year the Tango Project III-D technology, Google planting this system in a small deice and show it glimpse to the people.

This technique uses infrared technology to measures its surrounded height and width. Tri-or three-D images to be made with the help of a small device technology will surely be a great perfection.

This invention will be a milestone in the electronics field while a small devise will be able to capture a high definition 3D image. You can easily capture three dimension images with your tablet device.