Turkish company is building wind plant by $300 million in Pakistan



Turkish construction company STFA is going to introduce wind plant technology in Pakistan which will produce a 50 megawatt wind plant and also power transmission lines by huge cost $300 million, an agreement signed 0n thursday

Mehmet Ali Neyzi STFA chief executive said the approximate cost of the wind plant would be one billion dollars and another 2 billion dollars would be invested in the fixing of transmission lines.

this is an other friendly gift by the Turkish nation to the Pakistanis that will help to meet the engery crises, Pakistani nation suffring from .

Trukish is much co-oprative since many years to boost economy of Pakistan thats why they helping Pakistan in many ways like Metro bus and others………..

Malala Yousafzai received top Amnesty award in Dublin



DUBLIN: Pakistani educational rights activist, Malala, United Nations agency was shot by the Taleban, receives AN Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience award tonight in capital of Ireland.

In a short speech to a house spherical space filled with human rights campaigners, singer royalty and society glitterati, she had the rapt attention of her audience as she spoke during a careful and deliberate manner, delivering a clarion need education because the route to freedom.

“I wish to measure during a world wherever free, required education is on the market all over to each kid,” she said, adding “and, let nobody be forgotten.”

Her head lined by a vibrant scarf, the currently 16-year-old cut a putting figure as she stood alone on the stage, speaking slowly and clearly with a mix of confidence and iron passion.

She spoke of constant terrorist act and war in Asian country, of sexual violence perpetrated against ladies and women, of status visited on individuals trapped within the violence in Asian country, of human rights defenders abused, of kid labour and trafficking in India, of forced marriages and domestic labour.

“They aren’t accepted as personalities however ar neglected and marginalised. ladies ar empty their basic right of equality and freedom and justice,” she said. “I apprehend that each time an individual comes, delivers a speech, the audience claps which is that the finish of it. expensive brothers and sisters, I’m not here to clarify the problems that we have a tendency to ar sweet-faced with. Rather we have a tendency to ar here to search out an answer to those issues.

Earlier speakers reminded the audience that Malala was simply eleven years previous once she began to put in writing a diary for the BBC’s Urdu language service within which she campaigned for women’s rights and also the the correct of women to travel to highschool. Her views solid her against the Taleban, the monotheism fundamentalist cluster active in neighbour Asian country and conjointly making an attempt to exert management within the Swat depression of northwest Asian nation wherever she lived.

In Oct 2012 whereas returning home on a faculty bus, gunmen boarded the vehicle, singled Malala out and shot her within the head. she transferred to hospital in England, created a motivating recovery.

She received her award tonight from Bono United Nations agency spoke of her “once during a century reasonably courage”. Another speaker, the Iranian-born yankee author and tutorial, Azar Nafisi, created a affiliation between Seamus Heaney, a powerful presence throughout the ceremony, and Malala – “they each belong to imagination and to the republic of conscience,” she said.

The same award honour was presented conjointly on Harry Belafonte, the United States singer and civil rights political leader, “a human for human rights,” same Orla Guerin, the Irish-born BBC journalist primarily based in Asian nation United Nations agency musical group proceedings.

The audience that 86-year-old Belafonte was already a affluent and sure-fire man once the civil rights movement reached a crescendo within the Sixties and “could have looked the opposite way”, he joined Luther King and campaigned for justice wherever civil rights were being attacked within the southern states.

The Fading Background create a good Impression on Android Users

Now Google is going to introduced the fading backgrounds in all Android Smartphones, Tablets and Mobiles. In a Google Input/Output conference in this week the developers of Androids explain that the Faddy background will create a great impact on Android users.

The Android applications was came in the market since 2008 and they spread around the world in the shape of Smartphones and Computer tablets. Now in 2013 its latest version 4.2.2 Jelly bean has been released.

For further developments on Androids a Conference by the name of Google Input/Output was held in the Google research center and the developers explain about the new faddy background of the Smartphone and Tablet Android Operating System.

Androids Operating systems are progress rapidly in All Samsung, HTC, LG latest mobiles which success to achieve the high rank in the smartphone market.

The Androids OS Smartphones and Tablets will also get the same ranked with faddy background and people will also enjoy such type of background.

The Faddy Background in upcoming Androids Smartphones and Tablets will also get the same ranks are older  And we hope that this faddy background will create a great impact on our users.

LinkedIn is going to ban the oldest profession from world

LinkedIn is one of the famous social website in world and which is connecting all professional people in the world to make a prfessional network in world and to exchange Ideas, opinions and results of any practical with each other.

LinkedIn was launched in 5th May 2003 in California, United State. Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Vailant are the founder of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is fully designed on Java and it is fully helpful website for professionals because they can share their Ideas and concepts here.

LinkedIn got 200 million members since last 10 years and all members are belongs to different countries in world. Now LinkedIn notify all their members via email that we are changing some privacy policy and agreement information.

LinkedIn is trying to Ban all oldest type of profession from their website. Below is some type of oldest professions are mentioned which will LinkedIn ban soon:

  1. Female Escort
  2. Independent Escorts
  3. Call Girls
  4. Hot Girls
  5. Adult entertainment
  6. Escort Services
  7. Dubai Escorts

And all such type of unlawful services from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is notifying all 200 millions member by their email networks about their new privacy policy and agreements. Now some check will established on registration process for notify new members.

Passenger Plane can flies without Pilot over 800 kilometer

Now a Passenger Plan can flies about 800 kilometers above without a pilot. In civilian airspace a business Airplane make a air trip with out any pilot or physical control.

The Plane is designed like a drone plane which is handle by the ground Pilots. In this plane the scientist also used the same techniques like drones and handle the airplane from mile away from a ground base control centers.

A lot of money is include in this research of making a pilot-less air plane, By one report we got that more than £62 million has been spent on this research. The researchers and Scientist are using the same tools to implement pilot-less airplane which used in Drones.

But to start the journey over the airspace this plane need a physical controller to take flight from the earth, in this purpose pilots done their jobs and when the airplane straight and controlled on the air they remove their position and then it is control by the land base controlling center.

Now it is known as the business airplane because it is just 19 seated aircraft and an auto pilot plan. After attested many time and confirmation the drones type of technology in this business plane, The auto pilot airplane now open for civilians business persons and now they can enjoy the air space journey with out any pilot.

But this structure plane is fail to pass the air space algorithms and due to its air safety because United kingdom Civil Aviation Authority explain that an autopilot plane can not understood the rule, regulation and policy of the air but a pilot can understand.

United State of America ordered to stop making of 3D Gun Design

AUSTIN TEXAS: The Government of United State of America issuing an order to remove all the design of the 3D guns and keep the design of 3D guns secret from all.

All the design and structures if making 3D guns was uploaded on the various local and international websites but in one news the American Government mention that their 3D gun design was downloaded more than 100,000 times.

After mention the download quantity of 3D gun design the government ordered to remove all the 3D designs from the internet and keep it in secret.

The main cause of removing the 3D design it to stop making the extra amount of this dangerous weapon and also keeping the 3D gun design in secret from terrorist.

on 6th May 2013 all the design was complete and its owner Cody Wilson first time fired through a 3D printer technology gun in US.

After providing the design to Military Many people also upload its design on various links over Internet and and is very simple to make So the Government of America Order to remove all the design and keep it as offline.



Many new Earth-like Planets was found by the Astronomers in Vacuum

In one report to the local media the NASA Research center explain that the by scanning the Vacuum from there telescope our astronomers found the new planet which are same as like our Earth. By one report astronomers also mentioned that there are also water and Oxygen in that planets.

The Kepler Science principal investigator at NASA Ames Research Center William Borucki said that our astronomers found the two planets which are same as like the Earth and their Atmosphere also same as like Earth.

We named them as 62e and 62f. The 62e is about 40 percent greater than our earth and we assumed that it is warm and there is just water on it no land on it seen by any one.

The 62f is also greater that earth in some reports our astronomers mentioned that it is about 60 percent larger than our Earth and it seems like an Earth but its time period is shorter than our earth because it completed its orbit rotation in 267 days and our earth complete its orbit rotation 365 days. Both the planet might be warm due to the many orbits of stars around them. But recently we are failed to know that both the planets are rocky or watery because in their picture we cannot get the actual image of any rocky surface on both planet.

Our next target is to judge the rocky and watery place on these planets and also to get information about the any life on those planets. If it is true that the life is possible on those planets then we you have very breaking news from our sides.