More than Fourty killed in Nairobi Shopping mall by terrorist’s attack about Hundered wounded

nairobi attack images

NAIROBI: Masked attackers raged a crammed upmarket buying mall in Nairobi on Saturday, squirting gunfire and murdering 30 persons and wounding dozens more before holing themselves up in the convoluted.

A police officer secures an area as civilians flee inside Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi

The gunmen were “pinned down” after hours of painstaking evacuations, with police going shop to shop to protected the Westgate shopping shopping centre.

older police claimed that a well-organised “terror gang” numbering around 10 was behind the assault on the buying centre, which was crammed with round 1,000 shoppers when it was besieged at noon.

“The death toll is now standing at 30. This encompasses those who have past away at the scene ” a older policeman told reporters. The Red traverse verified the number and said another 60 had been wounded in the attack.

The Kenyan government, which has armies battling Shebab insurgents in neighbouring Somalia, said it was too early to state who was to blame.

“Investigations have begun to find out the perpetrators of this crime.

Police at the view said a suppose hurt in the firefight had been detained and taken to clinic under armed guard.

“We have reports there were up to 10 or so attackers and they appeared to be wearing a alike outfit, and rest covered their faces,”said by a policeman “The pattern of the attack and the way they were speaking to their goals clearly issue to a well-planned strike by a terror gang.”

previous a policeman source said it had been confirmed that the attackers were retaining at least seven hostages. As darkness dropped over Nairobi, their destiny was unclear.

Kenyan armies could be glimpsed going around and inside the buying centre while special forces had connected the procedure.

An AFP reporter said she glimpsed at smallest 20 persons released from a shop. Many of wounded, some of them bleeding young kids, were taken away from the shopping centre on stretchers.

Supreme Court order to arrest Sanjay Dutt and refuse to give him more time

New Delhi: The Indian Supreme Court refuses to give more time to Sanjay Dutt to surrender himself in front of Indian Police. Sanjay Dutt is facing the terrorism charge since 1993.

Sanjay Dut was got arrest on 1993 after Mumbai Bomb blasts under Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA) and also remain more than 18th month in jail. The Indian Supreme court bail him in 1995 and in December 1995 Sanjay Dutt Got arrested by the police again and after 2 years 1997 he get bail again.

Sanjay Dutt mentioned in a report that I am victim in this case because which weapons police found from me in my car, I have Licence of all those weapons and I already show them.

The Apex court of India rejected the Snajay Dutt’s Plea of sseking review agains the five year jail terms by the act of Arms and also remain in jail till completing his punishment.

After reopen the case of Mumbai Attack the Apex court order on 21st March to start investigation against the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, Sanjay Dutt and others with involvement of Pakistan’s ISI.

Justice Dipak Mishra and BS Chauhan also refused a film producer appeal for the bail for some time util Sanjay Dutt will complete two Films.

Sanaullah dies in Chanidigarh hospital on 9th May 2013

New Delhi: Pakistani Prisoner Sannullah Haq is died in the Chandigarh after the attck of the other prisonars on him on 6th May 2013. Rana Sanaullah Haq died on 09th May 2013.

After the incident of Sarabajeet singh India also shown his original face by killing the Pakistan Prisonar SanaUllah Haq. India always try to take revenge from Pakistan.

A few days ago an accident was occurred in Kot Lakhpat jail, Lahore Pakistan by the attacks of the inmates on him. Pakistani doctors try his best to save him but he died on 02nd May 2013 and Indian adopted that Sarabajeet was a terrorist and also the agent of the Indian Army.

But Sanaullah Haq was the innocent Pakistani citizen. Indian army doesn’t bear the death of Sarabajeet Singh, which was an accident, and show his orginal face after killing the Pakistani innocent prisoner SanaUllah.

By one report we got that SanaUllah Haq is murdered by the former Indian soldier Vinod. Sarabajeet death was an accident but everyone now that is a murder which is done by deliberately.

~~~May Allah rest SanaUllah Haq soul in peace (Ameen)~~~

Sarabjit Singh Dies in Pakistan on 2nd May 2013

Lahore/Islamabad: The Indian Citizen Sarabijit Singh who was arrested by the Pakistan Army due to the terrorism, is dies in Lahore jinnah Hospital in Lahore Pakistan.

Sarabjit Singh was the Indian Citizen and was arrested by the Pakistan Military and announced him as a terrorist. Sarabjit Singh was in Jailed since 1990 in Kot Lakhpat jail of Lahore Pakistan.

Through some reports we get that Sarabjit Singh was arrest as a terrorist by Pakistan Military and Pakistan Military charges him for the bombing in the village near the border. in 1991 Court gave order to hang him but the his hanging was postponed due to some reasons. Sarabjit Singh was remain in prison since 1990 and he spent his life as a prisoner in Pakistan about 22 years.

By Some reports we came to know that Sarabjit Singh was arrested by the Pakistan Army on 28th August 1990. In a interview Sarabjit Singh’s wife Sukhpreet Kaur mentioned that in 28th August 1990 Sarabjit Singh was went to plough his fields near Wagha border but never returned.

In April 2013 Sarabjit Singh was suffered seriously injured due to fight or attack by some prisoners, He remain in injuries for some days and at last Sarabjit Singh was died in 2nd May 2013 on Thursday in Jinnah hospital at Lahore Pakistan.