Thailand army declared martial law in country

Martial law in Thailand

Martial law impose by army in Thailand: Army has said that he impose martial law in country due to political crisis. After this surprising announcement, army have been received the broad powers to enforce their order in the country.

The military says the country’s security responsibilities cannot be equated with treason. Conflict and political crises between government and opposition is the main reason to impose martial Law in the country.

The interim prime minister of the country’s top security adviser said the decision was not taken into confidence about the government.
Thailand martial law

Military spokesman said about Martial law

A military spokesman said that martial law will have no effect on the caretaker government will remain in power.

Military imposed martial law to stop these elements which wanted to use weapon of war is astounding for everyone. Earlier in the 2006 Thai military seized power.

Thailand’s state TV channels broadcast an announcement saying martial law is imposed in order to maintain peace and order. The announcement stated to the public, there is no need to panic and they can lead their lives as usual.

Thailand has a long political crisis and opposition parties have to demand handover the power to a non-elected administration so that he could redesign the constitution.