Tokyo Stocks now open up 1.38 percent after dollar price increase

TOKYO: After dollar reaches to round about 102 Yen, the Tokyo stock exchange no 1.38 open. This quantity of Stock open is due to the increase of Dollar price.

The general Manager of Equities Tokyo Japan explain in a report that the index of the benchmark Nikkei goes up from 203.92 to 14,962 so we will keep the Japan Stock up in this year by the help of fresh investors.

After G7 meeting in London the Dollar price grow up from 101 Yen to 102 Yen on 14th May 2013 on Tuesday. Now day 1 dollar ($1) is equivalent to 102.21 yen in japan.

The prices of euro also increase after G7 meeting and 1 euro price go up to $1.2934 which is equivalent to 132.20 yen. Now due to the increasing of dollar Tokyo Stock exchange now open up about 1.38 percent since 15th May 2013 on Wednesday.

On April 22nd 2013 Tokyo Stock exchanges was open up for 1.66 percent or up after the G20 meeting and that time the dollar rate was equivalent to 99.77 yen and one euro is equivalent to 130.30 yen.

There is a very minor increase of currency between Yen and dollars or Yen and euros but it creates a large impact on stock exchange markets of Japan including Tokyo Stock exchange which now open up for 1.38 percent.