latest Urdu column by Javed Chaudhry: “Khajgan aur Ameer Taemoor k Lemoon”

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One of the famous Urdu column writer Javed Chaudhry want to explain the current situation between the Pakistan Army and the Political persons, he say that Khawaja Saad Rafique and the Khawaja Muhammad Asif are good person but their statement about the Pakistan Army and Retired  General Pervez Musharraf are not suitable their personalities, the statement about the Pakistan army give a bad image about Pak army to the world, the Urdu column writer give an example of General Yahya khan.

latest urdu column

Latest Urdu column by Orya Maqbool Jan: “Baddiyanti Aur Tassub Ki Inteha”

In this latest urdue column the famous Urdu column: “Baddiyanti Aur Tassub Ki Inteha” writer Orya Maqbool Jan want to describe that how the Europe stole the knowledge of Muslim scientist and show that they are the father of modern science, Orya Maqbool Jan say that if you ask any youngster that who are the father of Modern science he will start from 16th century he never know that the history is greater then this.
latest Urdu column

Latest Urdu column by Orya Maqbool jan: Dil Kay Pher Zakhum Taza Hutay Hein

Urdu column: DIl Kay Pher Zakhum Tazy Hutay hein

In this latest column the famous Urdu column writer Orya Maqbool janis trying to explain condition of Pakistan education system With the tittle of Urdu column “Dil Kay Pher Zakhum Taza Hutay Hein” he describe that how the non-muslim specially Jews try to convert our study system according to their will, in there so call O level A level study the books are totally based on eastern study and how they try to take away our child from the right way. More over there is allot of this describe in this latest Urdu column.

Latest Urdu column by Orya Maqbool jan