Obama: US ready for “Targeted Operation” in Iraq

U.S Targeted Operation in Iraq

U.S. President Barack Obama said the U.S. needed to stop the advance of extremists in Iraq; US ready for “targeted operation” and ready to hit specific targets.But he stressed that U.S. ground forces will not participate in the fighting in Iraq.

President Barack Obama said that 300 military advisers to help the Iraqi government will be sent, but he emphasized that the issue of Iraq a ‘military solution’ is not solution its political solution is needed.

US targeted operation in Iraq c

The Iraqi government has formally requested the United States during the last week of Iraq to occupy several major cities and towns by Dolat Islamic Iraq and Syria (dais) to bombardment of targets belonging to militants.

US president Obama said that it is not the work of US to select the leader s of Iraq, but he urged ‘all inclusive’ agenda to follow.

U.S. military chief General Martin Dempsey said

Earlier on Wednesday, U.S. senators in Washington, referring to the U.S. military chief General Martin Dempsey said his Iraqi government has been asked to provide air support.
General Dempsey said the U.S. action against ‘Daesh militants’ is in their interest.

But he warned the U.S. military to act with intelligence information are still needed. He said that during the bombardment would be difficult for the pilots to know how they are attacked.