Do you know the value of Peshawari chappal outside the Pakistan??

Pakistan frequently appear to debase their picture and everything connected to the Pakistani picture, if it be our customary shoes fabrics, accessories or anything other than connect to Pakistan tradition, Pakistan’s Peshawari chappal was embraced by one of the outside designer ” Paul Smith” looking to some extent like the traditional Peshawari chappal.

The fashioner sold the Peshawari chappal under another brand name Robert.Peshawari chappal b The most surprising truth is that while the Pakistani purchase this Peshawari chappl in around 6 or 7 US dollar however Paul smith deal it out in 300$, Pakistani’s were disfavored by such a demonstration in light of the fact that spot just the fashioner neglect to give the credit to shoes to the Pakistani unique, yet he was offering it at an incredible value that was triple the cost of the first Peshawari chappal.

In the company of feedback, Paul smith was force to change the shoes name and recognized its Pakistan origin, however he replay on this comment this is not the first occasion when that the Peshawari chappal has been embraced foreign designer.

Do you realize that Peshawari chappal is additionally exceptionally well known in France on account of its quality plan and comfort. India France a UK is the enormous business of Peshawari chappls.