Veena Malik now appointed as a goodwill ambassador by IHRS

Veena now a goodwill ambassador

At a ceremony in Islamabad the IHRS(International human rights commission) has delegated Pakistani actress Veena Malik Goodwill Ambassador for peace and humanity.

Veena Malik was delegated throughout a function held here on Friday and goes along with the husband who was named as a Goodwill Ambassador prior.
goodwill ambbasdar Her husband Asad Bashir Khan said Veena had a few film offers and might act if a great part will be offer along. When a question asked by reporter from Asad what about the Veen’s cooking habit he replied that Veena might likewise cook for him.

After the function a question asked by a news reporter from Veena Malik weeding life she replied that her husband gives him a diamond ring every time when they both fight.