Israel Air force Strike over the Syria on Friday night

WASHINGTON: Last night on Friday Israel launched the Airstrike over Syria and mention their activity on the social website in United State…

By a report on the Israelite we came to know that lats night on Friday Israel Air for launched the strike over Syria. In the report one official person of Israel air force said that they also used the weapons to strike into Syria.

The israeli Spokesman and Embassy Aaron Sagui also mention in a  report that “What we can say is that Israel is determined to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons or other game-changing weaponry by the Syrian regime to terrorists, specially to Hezbollah in Lebanon,”

In past Israeli air jets was also attack on the Sayria in Eupthrate River side and led to build up the Syrian air defense system. The report about the strike of the Israel air force in Syria is published by the Cable News Network (CNN) about some hours ago.

When Israel tried to fled the country as the Assad regime more than 70,000 people was died in Syria battle rebels and also thousand of people of fled from country.

President of the United State of America Obama mentioned in a report that:[quote]We want to make sure that we look before we leap and that what we’re doing is actually helpful to the situation as opposed to making it more deadly or more complex,”[/quote]