A Massive Wildfire in LOS ANGELES rugged in Country Side

LOS ANGELESE: The Wild fire now rugged in the countryside. Hundred of citizens were stopped in California ‘s Scenic Coastal in highway due to this wild fire. People was very angry by this reaction of rescuers…

By Some report we get that its was a very horror scene. The Flame of wild fire was flying here and there like the winds of the Pacific Ocean. Round about 8,000 or more area is effected by this wildfire and also many houses are burnt.

The LOS ANGELES media also provide the live footage of the wild fire. And we saw that more than 600 fire fighters was working very hard to control over the huge wildfire but after very struggle they can’t control over the Wild Fire in LOS ANGELES.

on Friday 03rd May 2013 the Pacific highway was close for the people in California due to this wildfire. All the coverage of the wild fire was shown on the local news channels time to time.

The Fire Fighter try their best to control over the flames of fire but the fire was very dangerous. Many helicopters also used for this purposes to control over the fire. They split water on the fire through air.

Through some reports we also get that the wildfire is very common thing in across western united State in Summer. But this time this wildfire cover over 8,000 acre area and also enter in countryside and burnt many houses…